How to Make Basic Broth (plus video!)

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basic broth in the freezer

Chances are, you’ve probably used up most of the turkey meat from Thanksgiving by now and you are about ready to throw out those turkey bones.


Before you throw out those bones, did you realize that you can get about 2 gallons of delicious, nutrient rich, mineral loaded turkey stock by simmering them for a few hours with a bit of vinegar and a few chopped veggies in a big pot of filtered water?

Making chicken, turkey or beef broth should be a regular and hopefully weekly or at least biweekly part of your kitchen routine.  If you are spending your limited kitchen time making bread or other baked goods, then re-prioritize some of this time into making stock.   Dr. Francis Pottenger MD considered the stockpot the most important piece of equipment in the kitchen – it wasn’t the grain grinder or the bread pans!

This may seem a bit shocking at first, but homemade stock as a regular feature in your diet will improve your health much more than homemade bread will!   Make sure the time you spend in the kitchen gets you the most bang for your buck health-wise.

Not all time spent in the kitchen is created equal!

My family of 5 can easily go through 1/2 gallon – 1 gallon of homemade stock in a single week.   The picture above is a picture of my freezer which is usually loaded to the brim with various kinds of stock from the usual fish, beef, and chicken to the occasional venison, buffalo, lamb, turkey, duck, or even goose!

Tip:  Make sure you label your broth containers as they pretty much all look the same after freezing.

Today’s video is a detailed class into making stock – both chicken and beef. Turkey, duck, and goose stock is made just like chicken stock and venison, lamb, and buffalo stock is made just like beef, so this video can be used as a primer for making all types of stock with the exception of fish. To make fish stock, view my video by clicking here.

If you haven’t fully embraced stock making yet in your home, do so today!   Throw out those soup and stock cans and tetra-packs which are nothing but water, MSG, and BPA anyway – even if organic and make some stocks and soups that will really and truly do the body good.

To view a complete transcript of this broth video, click here.

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