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Banner Ads

If your question is about a banner ad you’ve seen on my site, please know that the ads on my site are what’s called “interest-based ads.” These are nicknamed “follow ads” because they follow you around the Internet. In other words, what is displayed in the ad is dependent on your browsing behavior. Even if you haven’t looked at the specific brand or product that’s showing in an ad, it’s likely that someone in your household was searching for a similar item or service recently.

The Amazon ad above the comments is based entirely on an algorithm that searches what the article above it is about. I do not have control over the items that appear. Frequently, the items are very helpful suggestions, which is why I like it as it adds additional value for the reader. Unfortunately, it is not 100% perfect. Sometimes the products that appear are not helpful or relevant. If the products are in any way confusing for you, be sure to double check my Shopping Guide if you wonder whether a product is actually truly healthy and nontoxic. I frequently review this list to be sure only the best products in specific categories are listed.

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