malted barleyEducated consumers are starting to tire of the never ending parade of alternative sweeteners hitting the market, most of which prove toxic or unhealthy upon close inspection. With that, a gradual awakening to the traditional sweeteners used by ancestral cultures is occurring. One with a considerable amount of current interest is malted barley.

It’s yummy smell and delectable thickness as shown in the picture above are quite attractive to consumers!

cassavaWe recently added a new gluten free flour to our family’s menu – cassava. Soon after, I noticed that there is a bit of debate about it within the health community.

How debated is it? On one hand, in 2010, Time magazine listed it as one of the 10 most dangerous foods as identified by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

tofuOf all the things on grocery stores shelves, tofu is one of those that is both interesting and repelling at the same time. What exactly is this jiggly food also known as bean curd? Is it a modern invention or authentic traditional cuisine? How is it made? Should I eat it a lot, only occasionally,

monk fruitDo you like cucumbers? If so, its cousin monk fruit, also known as luo han guo, may interest you. You may have even eaten monk fruit extract without knowing it!

Monk fruit is a small, subtropical melon that grows on a herbaceous perennial vine of the cucurbit family. It is native to southern China and northern Thailand,

sheep milk benefitsWhen people ask me what type of dairy milk I prefer, they are usually surprised when my answer is sheep milk! I particularly adore sheep milk cheese and when it is seasonally available locally, I stock up.

In my travels across parts of Europe last summer, I was pleasantly surprised to see that sheep milk is readily available in some places that I visited.

what the healthThe documentary What the Health is generating a lot of buzz these days. Its claim? Animal sourced food is slowly killing us and most of our major diseases can be prevented by adopting a plants-only diet.

The evidence? Nonexistent when you do the fact checking. (Complete list of scientific references at article’s end.)

milk powderMilk, it does a body good. Or does it? Or did we do something bad to it?

Dairy in the modern world has came a long way from just the cow. Pasteurization, homogenization, and dozens of 5+ syllable words are needed to even begin to capture the industrial processing that dairy now undergoes today.