The Perfect Simmer on Your Bone Broth (VIDEO)

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perfect simmer on bone broth
Once you’ve learned how to make bone broth, do you know what the perfect simmer looks like? Many people don’t even with much experience making broth. It is very easy to have the broth roll too high or too low which affects taste and quality of the gelatin.

It’s important to get this right folks!

At our home, we like to roast 2 ducks for Christmas dinner. I get more than a little excited about the incredibly flavorful gallon or so of duck stock from this effort.

I talk quite a bit about the importance of homemade stock in the diet and how crucial it is to make stock yourself on a frequent basis and have some ready in your freezer at all times for quick meals as well as any illnesses that might strike your household.

The Perfect Simmer on Your Stock VIDEO DEMO

For those of you just learning the ropes about homemade stock, I’ve filmed a one minute video to show you exactly what the perfect simmer should look like once you’ve brought that stock to a boil and turned down the heat.

I get a lot of questions about the perfect simmer, so instead of attempting to describe with words, I thought a visual to show you exactly what the ideal simmer looks like would be more effective.

TIP:  The longer you cook the stock, the richer the flavor will be. On the other hand, the longer you simmer, the more glutamates in broth. So, if you are sensitive, best to go shorter and make meat stock instead.

Be sure to have your simmer no higher than what I show in the video so you can easily cook it for 24-48 hours and get the richest flavor possible!



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