gluten free waffle recipeThe gluten free waffle recipe below is the easiest one I’ve tried yet. As a bonus, it is grain free and Paleo-friendly too, but I guarantee that your family will never know.

Making a breakfast that everyone in the family can enjoy regardless of dietary status is always a big plus in a household with children.

slow cooker bone brothI’ve had a number of inquiries recently on how to make bone broth in a slow cooker like the Vita-Clay.

Since I’ve already posted about how to make meat stock, I thought I would post my recipe for making bone broth in a clay slow cooker too.

saffron riceIf you want to find out how to make saffron rice, it isn’t too difficult. Numerous recipes are at your fingertips if you do an online search, and they are all basically the same.

This recipe for saffron rice is different because it is made with traditionally prepared rice, which adds several unique and very important benefits. 

peanut butter banana smoothieFor those of you who love peanut butter and banana toast, have I got a smoothie idea for you!

This recipe for a peanut butter banana smoothie is so delicious and filling, you might not even be hungry for lunch. 

SarahThe Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

meat stockProperly prepared homemade broth is a foundational food for autoimmune healing diets such as GAPS, AIP, or the Specific Carbohydrate diet.

The GAPS protocol, for example, recommends a small cup of broth with every meal. This traditional food is the only cooked food that acts as a raw food when consumed.

dairy free fermentationIn my latest eBook Real Food Fermentation Favorites, I discuss the history and enormous benefits of consuming fermented foods and beverages on a regular basis. Many recipes are provided with guidance on which ones are best for particular health challenges.

You may have noticed that many traditional fermentation recipes recommend raw whey as the probiotic starter culture.

peanut butter cookiesSo many of you emailed about how much you enjoyed the old fashioned sugar cookie recipe I posted recently that I thought I would share another one for peanut butter cookies.

My tween actually took a conventional (yuck-o) peanut butter cookies recipe and converted it to healthy ingredients in order to make the yummy cookies pictured above.