coconut rice recipeThis traditionally inspired recipe for coconut rice is perfect to pair with your favorite homemade Asian cuisine! It contains no sugar, unlike most conventional recipes. Coconut adds enough sweetness on its own after all! There is absolutely no need to add sugar.

wild vs sustainable salmonOver the last 10 years or so, the public became aware of the enormous difference in the nutrition of wild salmon compared with farmed varieties.

Since up to 90% of the salmon consumed in the United States is farmed, the viability of a very profitable industry was threatened by this newly educated,

tiger nut health benefits

For almost 3000 years, much of the world ate (and many parts still eat) a wild plant that is now a domesticated food – the tiger nut.  


To protect drinking water from disease-causing organisms, municipal authorities routinely add disinfectant to public water supplies. Chlorine is by far the the most widely used chemical for this purpose.

This important and very necessary process of disinfection has significantly reduced the incidence of waterborne illness by killing disease carrying microbes.

homemade vanilla latte

If that addictive Starbucks vanilla latte habit is burning a hole in your wallet and your health, I’ve got a tasty and nourishing alternative for you to try!

soaked steel cut Irish oats

Overnight oats is becoming quite a thing these days as people begin to reawaken to the wisdom of traditional diets and ancestral food preparation.

Most people use rolled oats for this process, which involves an eight hour or overnight soak prior to a thorough cooking.

What if you prefer the nuttier texture of steel cut oats,

wild rice casserole

Native Americans began cultivating wild rice many millennia ago. An important staple in this traditional diet, various tribes across the northern United States and Canada developed hundreds of heirloom varieties during this time.

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