flossing teethMany people today are confused about whether flossing teeth is actually necessary for good oral health.

Like with many dental practices, what conventional dentists recommend differs – sometimes dramatically – from what holistic dentists endorse to their patients. Flossing is no exception. 

triticaleWheat. One of the world’s oldest and its most grown and consumed staple until recently. Not only does wheat come in many shapes and sizes, including older relatives like spelt, einkorn, and kamut, it also comes in many modern cultivars and crosses – hard red, soft white, and a curious grain called triticale. 

soaking white riceMany people I know who who follow ancestrally inspired diets assume that soaking white rice before cooking is not necessary. This is because white rice is milled, meaning the husk, bran and germ have been removed. 

breakfast plantain wafflesIt seems as though many of you enjoyed the recipe for plantain biscuits, so here’s another one for plantain waffles! 

natto benefitsThe world of soy can be very confusing for consumers! Most soy based foods are downright dangerous especially for babies, children and those with thyroid disease. 

low carb keto eggplant parmesanEggplant is one of the few vegetables that grows really well during the summer in hot, humid Florida. As a result, dishes made from Indian, Chinese, and Thai eggplant are on our family’s menu during this time of the year. One of my favorites is eggplant parmesan, perhaps one of the best known dishes made with this vegetable from the nightshade family

organic natural healthy energy drinksThe first official healthy energy drink was created by the Japanese company Taisho Pharmaceuticals in 1960. This beverage, called Lipvitan-D, contained a mix of essential vitamins, the amino acid taurine and the B vitamin niacin as metabolic agents to boost energy and concentration.

Energy drinks officially went to the Dark Side with the creation of Red Bull in 1987,

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