Homemade Coconut Flour (Recipe plus Video How-to)

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homemade coconut flourMore and more people are turning to store bought or homemade coconut flour these days as a low carb alternative to grain based flours. Coconut flour is disaccharride free and, as such, an acceptable flour for baking when one is following the GAPS or SCD diets.

Coconut flour is also Paleo/Primal friendly for those who eschew grains in general as something that was not originally part of the human diet during pre-agricultural times.

The problem with coconut flour is that it is rather expensive to buy, so many folks are learning to make it themselves, which is incredibly budget friendly.Today’s video lesson on how to make homemade coconut flour expands on the last 2 video classes which showed you how to make homemade coconut milk and coconut milk kefir.

Making homemade coconut flour is extremely easy to do and so worth the minimal effort as buying it at the store is rather expensive.  A small one pound bag at my healthfood store costs about $6 and you can go through one of these rather quickly if you use it a lot as we do in our home.

Homemade coconut flour can be used in loads of baking recipes and I have posted numerous recipes in the past on how to use it to make everything from lemon poppyseed muffins and honey bread to low carb battered fried chicken!    I will be posting another recipe using homemade coconut flour over the weekend which is a huge hit in our home, so be sure to check back for that one!

Video: How to Make Homemade Coconut Flour 

The video below provides an easy how-to for making coconut flour yourself without the inconvenience of having to open a coconut first!

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