Healthy Hot Cocoa Recipe plus Video

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cup of healthy hot cocoaA cup of healthy hot cocoa made with fresh raw milk is a soothing treat on a cold evening in front of the fire or watching a movie.

In this video, I show you a healthy hot cocoa recipe to make and enjoy that avoids the GMO sugar, artificial flavors and other additives in commercial hot cocoa mixes.  This can be an occasional addition to the kids’ lunchbox on cold days.  Just put in a thermos and it stays nice and warm until lunchtime!

Healthy Hot Cocoa How-to Video

Healthy Hot Cocoa Recipe

** If you would prefer a hot cocoa recipe that is caffeine free, click here for this recipe for white hot chocolate.


2 cups fresh whole milk preferably grassfed and raw (substitute whole coconut milk for a dairy free alternative)

2 TBL sucanat or rapadura (where to find)

1 heaping TBL organic carob powder (where to find)

1 tsp chocolate extract (where to find) 

Sprinkle of organic cinnamon powder or a cinnamon stick (optional)


Warm milk on the stovetop to 117 F.   Use a food thermometer or a clean finger to judge the temperature (when it feels hot but doesn’t burn, it’s about 117F so enzymes and probiotics remain intact). Turn off the heat but leave the pan on the burner.   Quickly whisk in sucanat, carob powder and chocolate extract.    Add optional cinnamon if desired.  Pour into mugs and serve immediately.

In this recipe, each 8 oz serving has 12 g of unrefined sugar compared with 18g or more of refined sugar in one envelope of hot cocoa mix from the store!

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