The Milk Cure 2012

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Got Raw Milk?

Last year, Paula Jager, owner of Crossfit Jaguar in Tampa Florida, wrote a series of riveting posts about her 15 day raw milk fast. This series on The Milk Cure sparked much interest from readers from around the world who became interested in reviving this age old remedy for improving vitality, bodily cleansing and even reversal of serious illness as practiced in the early 1900’s by the Mayo Foundation, a forerunner of the famed Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota.

At the end of Paula’s raw milk fast last year, she said that she was so pleased with the results (she had the best bloodwork of her life at the conclusion of the fast) that she vowed to do a raw milk fast every year around the beginning of Spring.

A few days ago, Paula told me that she planned to start her annual raw milk fast very soon.  What’s more, this year she asked me to do it with her.

My immediate and knee jerk response was, “Uh, fasts don’t really work for me.  I don’t want to lose any weight either, so I think I’ll pass.”

Paula, being her persistent and tenacious self, continued to work to convince me.

Yeah, you guys think I’m such a hard nose, but the truth is, on most things I’m very much go with the flow.  That cooperative middle child thing, you know?

Paula assured me that I needn’t lose any weight on the fast unless I tried to.  Raw milk from pastured cows is a complete food, a perfectly balanced elixir of highly digestible, nutrient dense fats, protein, and carbohydrates.  If you consume an adequate amount of ounces and calories for your body weight each day, no weight loss should occur.

She also assured me that she experienced no hunger or cravings during her fast last year, once again, a strong testament to the complete nature of pastured raw milk, known as “white blood” to physicians that have used it therapeutically.

Still unconvinced, I talked to my husband about it hoping to get a bit of moral support for my decision not to do the raw milk fast with Paula this year.


I got no help from hubby.

As soon as I told him the story, he says, “Hey, what a great idea!   I’ll do it too!”

At that point, I started to get a teeny weeny bit excited about the fast.  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if hubby joined in too.  My biggest concern was cooking all this delicious, traditional food day in and day out for the kids and not eating any myself.

Talk about torture!

But, if what Paula told me is true, I shouldn’t feel hungry at all.

At that point, I was willing to give it a go.

Then, it hit me.  Why don’t we do this together as a group for anyone who wants to join in?  I know that a bunch of readers would like to do a raw milk fast based on emails I’ve received about it over the past year, so let’s do it as a 10 day raw milk challenge!

The Milk Cure 2012 (Raw Milk Fast)

Here’s how The Milk Cure 2012 will work …

Paula and I will start our raw milk fast on March 1, 2012.

Any of you who wish to join us should plan to start on that date as well.

The fast will go for 10 days and will conclude at midnight on March 10, 2012.

The only thing you are to consume on this fast is pastured raw milk.   Water of course is fine too, but no other food or liquids but raw milk.

Lots of Cream Is The Best Milk

The reason I’m putting this post up a full week before the fast starts is to give those of you who are going to join us a chance to prepare and stock up on your raw milk.  You may even need to freeze some if necessary if you don’t have access to weekly pickups.

You will need anywhere from 2-5 quarts of raw milk per day per person depending on your current height and weight.   If you are trying to lose weight, then drink less.  If you don’t want to lose any weight, drink as much as you need to stay satisfied at all times.

Paula drank 3 – 3 1/2 quarts per day last year.  She is 5’3″ and 117 lbs.   Please read her 15 day diary from last year to prepare if you plan to join the challenge.  What worked for Paula was a pint of raw milk every 2 hours or so which translates to approximately 2,000 calories per day (if your raw milk comes from jersey cows with tons of cream).  If you drink raw milk from holstein cows, you probably should think about adding some additional raw cream to each glass.  A cup or so every hour or even a few ounces every 30 minutes works fine too – just adjust the amount and timeframe as it works best for you.

Also, please read about The Milk Cure and how it was used to cure very sick patients at the Mayo Foundation by clicking here.

I plan to drink closer to a gallon a day.  I am just shy of 5’7″ and 124 lbs.  I do not want to lose any weight so am shooting for 2,500-3,000 calories per day.

Feel free to stop the fast at any time if you choose to join in and discover that it isn’t working for you.  I told Paula that if I start to lose weight after a few days, I plan to drop out.  I lost 8 lbs on GAPS 2 years ago and although GAPS did me a world of good, I don’t want to go there again.  My digestion is really good right now and I don’t have any health issues that I am addressing at the moment, so if this rocks the boat for me too much, I plan to drop out.

Why You Might Want to Fast With Us

I am attempting this raw milk fast as a seasonal cleansing but also to support Vernon Hershberger, a Wisconsin raw milk farmer being continuously harassed by the WI Department of Agriculture and who may even be thrown in jail for the “crime” of producing nutritious food for people who desperately want it.

You might choose to join in to lose some weight.  Perhaps you have some digestive or other health issues you want to turn the corner on and start to heal from.

Perhaps you might want to do it for spiritual reasons.  Fasting is encouraged by many spiritual disciplines and that may appeal to you.

Whatever reasons you choose to join in are yours and yours alone.  You can choose to share them with the rest of us or not.

Each day during the fast, I will post an update on how Paula, my husband and I are doing.  My hope is that any of you who are joining in will update all of us with your progress in the comments section.

The goal for this 10 day journey is to have available to the world a written diary of the experiences and observations of hundreds of people of various backgrounds and health challenges while on a raw milk fast.

Will this happen?  I don’t know.

Maybe it will just be Paula and me and my husband.

I do hope at least a few of you will join us though!

* If you do join in, please be sure to check with your doctor first before undertaking this fast particularly if you are doing it to help resolve any health issues.

Also, do not attempt this fast with pasteurized or even low temp pasteurized milk.

Milk becomes a completely different food once it’s pasteurized and many vital nutrients and enzymes are either totally lost or significantly reduced.  Pasteurized milk is not a complete food like raw milk is.

Please indicate in the comments section below if you plan to join us starting on March 1 for The Milk Cure 2012! If you want to add your reasons for joining us, that would be cool too but not necessary.

My first update post will be on March 2, 2012 so there will be a one day lag as we write down our observations from the previous day and I post those for everyone to read.

Are you ready?  Who’s in?


Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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