The Milk Cure 2012 (Day 5)

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Paula and I Celebrate That We're Half Done!

It’s hump day!  We are halfway done!

Are any of you still detoxing or have those symptoms gone away and you are now feeling terrific?

Any cravings or hunger?

Be sure to clue us all in via the comments section ….

Paula:  Crashed on my couch last night at 7:30 pm and slept clean through until 6 am.  I usually sleep pretty well but it has been most improved and more “restful” since starting this fast.  Digestion is usually good with gas and bloating typically minimal or after foods that are rarely eaten but it is non existent on this fast.  No headaches, blemishes or constipation thus far.  ‘I’m feeling good and energy still higher than usual. That’’s actually kind of scary if you know me.

I am still thinking the increased carbohydrates have something to do with this and will continue to experiment after the fast. Like I said I am a numbers girl.  The first 4 days of the fast my calories have ranged from 2183-2663 and I am down 2 lbs although it could be from the heat yesterday and slightly reduced consumption.

Consumed 13 cups and weighed in at 116.6.

Richard:   Played soccer really hard all afternoon.  Had plenty of energy and the full speed running wasn’t a problem.

My joints and muscles feel fantastic.  Drank about 5 cups again for the day in addition to 2 cups herbal tea and homemade kombucha.  Sleeping great and everything is normal.  I haven’t had any detox symptoms at all other than a bit of weakness/shakiness and some mild congestion the first couple of days.

Sarah:   Felt terrific all day long.   Didn’t nap and wasn’t hungry except for when I grilled up some grassfed burgers for the kids.  The meat juice in the pan looked so tempting.  I almost poured it straight into my mouth!

Had a small hive about the size of a dime appear just to the left of my left eye yesterday.  No other hives appeared and it went away after a few hours.  Strange.  I haven’t had hives in decades.  Perhaps more detoxing?

Forgot to mention that I sunned my belly again yesterday for about 20 minutes.  I swear this helps keep my tummy flat.   Have been doing this for years although the data is still very preliminary about the internal benefits to the body of direct sun.

I drank a full gallon of raw milk today as I really seemed to need it.   Am trying to finish drinking earlier at night as having to get up to go to the bathroom at night from all the liquids is a bit annoying.

Weighed in again and am holding steady at 123.   Woo-hoo!  I think I’m going to make it!

Got a wonderful email from Vernon Hershberger giving a quick update on his hearing from March 2, 2012.  He said he felt strengthened knowing some of us were fasting for him.   He said the judge’s heart softened and he chose not to revoke his bail!  He also allowed his son to videotape the proceedings after 30 minutes of insisting to the judge that this was his Constitutional right.  He stays a free man able to live at home with his beautiful family – at least for now!    Score one for Real Food Rights!


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