Raw Milk Fast 2013 (Day 1)

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raw milk fast 2013 day 1
How did your first day of Raw Milk Fast 2013 go?   Here are the thoughts and observations from Paula, Richard, and me as we began the 3 day journey. Please post the observations and thoughts from your own fast in the comments section.  We all want to know how you’re doing!

To read last year’s notes from Raw Milk Fast 2012 – Day 1 to compare, click here.

Paula: This is my 3rd year doing the raw milk fast. The first year I went 12 days and last year 10. Sarah & I (at least I think I speak for her as well) are at the point where we feel 3 days will be sufficient.  Neither of us are looking to lose weight or solve a health issue so a gentle seasonal cleanse is all that is in order.

I am following most of the standard Milk Cure “rules” for maximum rest and rejuvenation which by the  way I agree with. By ‘most’, I mean I am doing a few things differently this go round. . .

Rules in review. . .I am using a combo of raw milk/raw kefir and will drink between ¾ and a full gallon a day along with some water.  I will get a salts bath in at least 1/3 days. I will get 8-9 hours of sleep each night but I will still work 12-14 hours. That is life right now and I must do what I must. I will do my very best to be less reactive and handle things in a calmer manner.

I ended up drinking an entire gallon today; I was very, very hungry and it did not seem to fill me up like it did in the past. I actually added in some extra cream at the end of the day and that seemed to help from a satiety standpoint.

Today was a “rest” day from working out. The past 2 years the fast was longer and as I felt the effects of detoxing I refrained from intense workouts. However, this year I am in the throes of an intense progressive strength routine, committed to a 4 day a week group program and making very good gains. I am going to continue to lift heavy and sweat. While yoga does wonders for some folks nothing like a good begonia busting workout and heavy prowler sprints cleanses my soul and body.

And nothing beats a cold glass of raw milk post wod (workout of the day). Cheers you all!

Richard:  I don’t expect any problems with the raw milk fast this year as I had a pretty easy time of it last year.  Fasting on raw milk seems to agree with me so no worries.

Drank 6 cups of milk throughout the day with extra raw cream added to each glass to keep blood sugar nice and steady.

Felt great and worked a full day as usual with no energy issues whatsoever.

Sarah:  Had my first glass of raw milk just after the kids got off to school.  Drank 6 cups (half raw cow milk and half raw goat milk) by lunchtime and was feeling great.

Started feeling ravenously hungry about 1pm and this continued throughout the rest of the day.  I just couldn’t shake it no matter how much milk I drank.  I just wanted FOOD!

This surprised me as I didn’t feel this incredibly hungry on the first day of the fast last year.

Stopped by the supermarket to weigh myself on my way to get the kids from school.  Weighed 124 lbs.  I don’t own a scale so this was the first time I’d weighed myself in I don’t know how long.   My goal is not to lose any weight so I intend to drink as much milk as necessary to keep from feeling any hunger.

Problem is, it wasn’t working yesterday.  Finally, around 8:30 pm I had a cup of raw yogurt to try and get something heavier in my stomach thinking that might help.  It did, and I felt a little bit better and slightly less hungry.

Took a 20 minute salts bath around 9pm to relax a bit and encourage detoxification.

Drank 15 glasses of milk (including the 1 cup of raw yogurt) by the time I hit the sack at 10pm.  Half of it was raw cow milk and the rest was raw goat milk.  That is 25% more than I drank last year on day 1!

15 cups of raw milk is about 2350 calories (goat milk is slightly higher in calories than cow milk) which is a lot for a little gal like me.  Amazing I could still feel hungry taking in that many calories.

Other than hunger, I felt great all day. Last year I had a headache on day 1, but not this year.  No fatigue or energy issues at all.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist 

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