The Milk Cure 2012 (Day 1)

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Kitties Love Raw Milk Too!

How did your first day of The Milk Cure 2012 go?   Here are the thoughts and observations from Paula, Richard, and me as we began the 10 day journey.  Please post the observations and thoughts from your own fast in the comments section.   We all want to know how you’re doing!

Paula: Rough start to my fast. Had a computer crash the day before, car broke down and my ice machine broke.  Started my fast in a sleep deprived and semi-stressed state.  Very tired the first day and nearly fell asleep at my nail appointment mid-afternoon! I do think, however, it was more from the previous day and not sleeping well than the milk.  Worked out at noon like I usually do but it was a sub par workout due to fatigue.  I should have rested instead.  I seemed hungrier than I remembered being last year and I consumed 2 cup portions whenever I felt I needed them (based on hunger) which was about every 2 hours.  Other than being tired, life as usual.  Weighed in at 118.6 that morning and consumed 13 cups total for the day.

Richard:  As the day went on, I noticed inflammation in joints and muscle inflammation decreasing. Digestion felt light and unburdened by drinking only raw milk.  Felt a little low on blood sugar at some points during the day but drinking a cup of milk quickly alleviated this problem.

Did 1/2 hour of gentle bouncing exercise on our blue exercise ball about 10pm.  Only drank about 6 or maybe 7 cups of milk the whole day (plus herbal tea and homemade kombucha).

Slept very well.

Sarah:  Am ready to go!  Starting weight is 123.5 lbs.   First time I’ve weighed myself in months.  I don’t own a scale, so will have to go to the same supermarket every couple of days to weigh myself.

Drank my first glass of raw cow milk at 8:30am after letting it sit on the counter for an hour.  I plan to let each glass I drink sit for at least an hour on the counter before drinking it so that I don’t put really cold milk into an empty stomach which is not good for my Ayurvedic dosha (Vata) which prefers warm to hot food and drink as opposed to cold.

Took my regular daily dose of fermented cod liver oil and butter oil after drinking my first 2 cups of milk.

By noon, I’d had 4 glasses and felt pretty energetic.   Did some semi-strenous yardwork for about an hour as it was so beautiful outside and wanted to get some sun and fresh air.

Got super hungry just after 12:30.  Had 2 glasses of raw goat milk on the counter so sipped those down pretty quickly and the hunger pangs subsided in a few minutes.

Took an hour and a half nap from 4-5:30pm as I was feeling a little tired and a little headachy which worried me some since this can be a sign of low blood sugar for me.   Got up and drank 2 more glasses. Have had 10 cups by 6pm.  No more headache after the nap.

Cooked dinner for the kids and it wasn’t too much torture although I really wanted to eat.

Prayed and meditated at sundown that Vernon Hershberger’s hearing goes well.

Took a baking soda bath to relax and rest.  Started to get hungry again after the bath.

Finished 3 quarts by 9pm.  Was really hungry even after finishing the 12 cups for the day.  Not sure if I should drink more milk because I really don’t want anymore but I don’t want to be hungry either.

Had a cup of herbal tea at 10pm.  Not feeling hungry anymore.  Went to bed at 10:30pm.

Can’t believe I made it through Day 1.  I’ve never made it through even one day of a fast before with no solid food at all.


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