The Milk Cure 2012 (Day 4)

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I'm a Warrior About Raw Milk!

We have all now completed Day 4 of The Milk Cure 2012.

Almost halfway home now!

Are you over the hump or have you been feeling great the whole time?

Any congestion or digestion issues?  What other signs of detoxification are you having?

Please share with us all the status of your raw milk fast in the comments section.

Paula:  Slept well again even after a very hectic day with computer issues. Worked out yesterday with good energy, today was a no workout day but another long one as we had a team involved in a local competition which lasted all day and it was HOT and HUMID.  Very hot – even got a little sunburned from improper planning.  I did however pack 2 quarts of milk in an iced cooler which kept me sustained for the 8 hours I was there along with lots of water.  BTW, our team got first place 🙂

I am finding I have more energy during this fast. Since I am a fan of numbers, I am logging my consumption in FitDay to see where it puts me as far as calories and macronutrient ratios go.  It’s putting me at about 55% fat, 21% protein, and 25% carbs.  My typical fat consumption is about the same, protein slightly higher and carbs much less.  Hmmm, maybe that is the extra energy?

Am drinking about the right amount of milk now as my weight has stabilized.  Digestion/elimination are normal.  Have wanted to do my Dead Sea Salts baths but have not had a chance yet since the days have been incredibly busy.  Will hopefully get to do this over the weekend.  No real signs of toxins leaving the body — yet.  Maybe that will draw some out.   Weighed in at 117.2 but only consumed 12 cups today.  I wasn’t hungry when I got home; I think the heat had something to do with it.

Richard: Spent much of the day outside and got a bit pink from the sun like Paula just due to improper planning.  Spring sun can sometimes catch you by surprise in Florida.   Drank 5 cups of milk and that was plenty sufficient to keep me from being hungry.  Having no energy or other issues whatsoever other than some mild congestion.

Sleeping very well and getting up early at 5am as usual with no problem.

Did about an hour of strenuous yardwork in the late afternoon which was probably helpful due to the sweating involved.   Did not feel tired afterward and went to bed at the normal time.

Sarah:   Felt fantastic all day long.  Drank 12 cups of milk throughout the day which was plenty satisfying and didn’t feel at all hungry most of the time.

Am really wanting this fast to be rejuvenating as well as cleansing so made the time for 2 short power naps today.   Felt absolutely wonderful for doing so.

I don’t nap much as a normal practice but during this fast I am making it more of a priority since I am no doubt detoxing.

Mild congestion is now gone, so I do think it was a cleansing reaction in the first couple of days.  I am feeling so good now I am starting to really understand why some cultures practiced seasonal cleansing.  Even when you eat a very clean, whole and traditional diet, toxins still build up and need to be released for maximum health.   Hmmm, maybe I’ll start doing this more often like Paula?

Did some yardwork for about 45 minutes and it felt good to work the muscles and sweat a bit.  I noticed that my sweat smelled different – more sweet is the only way I can describe it.

Elimination is normal.  Took a baking soda bath in the evening to further assist detoxification.   Am really pumped that I’m almost halfway through now.


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