The Milk Cure 2012 (Day 8)

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Raw Camel Milk Anyone?

We’re into the homestretch now!  Day 8 of The Milk Cure 2012 has come and gone.

Have you started a second phase of detoxification?  It seems Paula and I are having another little bout with it ourselves.

Let us know how you are doing in the comments section.  We all need each other’s encouragement!

Paula: Didn’t sleep well again.  Full moon approaching, could that be it?  Tired and cranky.  Not a nice person.  I am trying to just not talk much – really having to think before I open my mouth.  Patience has left the building!

I took a day off from working out – fatigued and joints are achy, constipated the last couple of days, slightly nauseous and not as hungry.  Yeah, I am just now detoxing.  Took the afternoon off (highly unusual) and spent 1 hour and 20 minutes in a salts bath.  Fell asleep at 8pm and awakened a few times during the night.

Hubby cooked bacon in front of me – I nearly spat at him!  I am ready for some food.  BACON – I want bacon!  Consumed 10 cups of milk and weighed in at 116.8.

Richard:  Sticking with 5-6 cups of milk a day.  That’s all I want to drink and more I don’t think would agree with me.   Haven’t had a chance to exercise since the weekend but am feeling good and have enough energy to do so.

Am drinking a lot of kombucha to manage thirst as it is warm this week.  Milk or water doesn’t quench my thirst nearly as well so I’m sticking with the fermented drinks instead.

Am looking forward to the end of the fast in 2 days as I am starting to want to eat again.

Sarah:  Woke this morning sneezing and really congested.  I’ve come to the realization that I must have a cold!   I never drink milk when I have a cold as it seems to make the congestion worse.  It seems I’m in a catch 22, so I emailed Paula about it.

She tells me to suck it up and gut it out.  We only have 2 more days to go after all!

I email back and say “Ok, Chief!” and start drinking my milk for the day.  I do switch to goat milk as this does seem to congest me less than cow milk when I have a cold (when I am well I don’t notice any difference).

Then, the strangest thing happens.  Around 1pm, my congestion and other cold-related symptoms completely disappear!

Poof!   Gone within a matter of minutes!  Energy comes back up quickly as well.

At that point, I’m thinking that it wasn’t really a cold after all but only a short bout with more detoxification!

I’m glad I kept going and didn’t bail on the fast earlier in the day.

Stopped by the supermarket after running a a few errands to weigh in.  Still holding steady at 123.


Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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