The Milk Cure 2012 (Day 6)

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Guys Who Channel Tarzan Love Raw Milk

Day 6 of The Milk Cure 2012 has come and gone. What are your observations?  It seems we have at least 50-100 folks participating from the regular comment updates with more joining in every day.

Hey CDC – what’s up with all these people drinking nothing but raw milk from these various small farms across the world and not getting food poisoning?

Some of the participants have made the personal decision to join in despite being immune compromised as well.   If raw milk is as dangerous as you say, at least a few of us should be hospitalized by now with E. coli O157.

Could it be (gasp), that raw milk is actually an extremely safe food?   No worries, though.  I’m sure you can easily figure out a way to spin it to the advantage of your Sugar Daddies (Big Food and Big Pharma) which guarantee you a nice cushy, six figure consulting job when your government gig is up.

Lucky for you most people are so drugged up on prescription meds that they can’t think straight anyway.

Paula:  Hmmm, slept ok but awakened very early and could not get back to sleep.  Had a hectic weekend trying to play catch up with all the remedial computer issues still pending.  It’s a shame you can’t shoot them!  Anyway, did finally get to have a nice hot salts bath.  Soaked for about an hour.  For the first time since starting the fast I was “slightly irritable” and tired yesterday and it continues this morning.

Had a good workout at noon and a very enjoyable milk lunch with Sarah in the sunshine.  Felt much better the rest of the day but was pretty fatigued and experienced chills and overall joint achiness right before going to bed.  I cannot remember the last time I was chilled unless it related to cold weather.  Consumed 14 cups and weighed in at 117.6.

Richard:  Worked a full day and had good energy.   Drank 5-6 cups of milk throughout the day.   It feels like I could go on like this for weeks with no problem.

Have little to no hunger with all detox symptoms gone at least for the moment.  Am really glad I am doing this.  What a great seasonal cleanse that helps gently heal the body and preserve health with little to no stress and strain.

Sarah:  Woke up sneezing about 6am and the sneezing continued off and on until about lunchtime.  I don’t ever remember sneezing so much in such a short period of time.   Figured it must be another method of detoxing so just kept sneezing and kept a hankie handy at all times!

Felt great all day with good energy.  Have settled on a gallon of milk per day and this seems to work well as long as I finish drinking by 7pm and then I don’t get up at night to use the bathroom from drinking so many liquids.

Sat out in the sun at lunchtime with Paula to celebrate the halfway point of the fast.   We laughed and drank our raw milk and had a great time.

Not feeling hungry and everything except for the sneezing is normal.   Really starting to want to eat again though.  I am looking forward to being done in the next few days!


Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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