How To Make Kombucha Tea Part 2 (video)

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kombucha jugAs promised, here is the second part of  the “How to Make Kombucha Tea” series. Part one of this series can be viewed here.

Please comment with any questions or concerns about anything I talk about in the video. I would be happy to answer your questions based on my experience making kombucha over the years. If you are a kombucha making pro, you can check out my advanced kombucha topics videos here and here.  These videos show you how to make huge batches easily for your home and the method I have devised for this purpose (it’s not continuous brew).

Where to Buy Kombucha Tea Cultures

Please do not buy your kombucha tea culture from Laurel Farms as they are having serious delivery issues.  Please go to my Resources page to find sources that will ship you a culture promptly.

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