Kombucha: Drink It and …. Wear It?

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kombucha clothing
We all know and love our SCOBY cultures, right? The traditional, delicious, probiotic and enzyme rich beverage they create known as kombucha has been consumed for centuries in Russia although its origins are based in China.

Those of you who have been making this healthful drink for any length of time know that after awhile, you have quite a few extra cultures each time you ferment a batch. You can either give these away to friends who want to start brewing their own kombucha or you can use them to make the best compost.


Warning. The following is from the Real Food X-Files.

Did you ever think that your leftover kombucha cultures could be used to make organic clothing?

Grow not only your own food, but your own clothing as well?

Fashion designer Suzanne Lee is doing just that by harvesting kombucha cultures to make organic, sustainable clothing from shoes to jackets and vests.

The kombucha fibers are made of pure cellulose spun by the beneficial bacteria and yeasts that comprise the culture, in essence a microbial version of silkworms spinning silk!

Check out this short TED video where Suzanne Lee demonstrates this intriguing process she has developed for growing rather than manufacturing clothing.


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*Thanks to Mary L. for sending me this amazing video!

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