Healthy Homemade Ketchup Recipe (+ VIDEO)

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homemade ketchup
The king of condiments in the Western world is undoubtedly ketchup. Americans buy over a half billion bottles of ketchup every year. Unfortunately, food manufacturers use GMO high fructose corn syrup as the sweetener of choice — definitely not part of a healthy diet! Organic versions frequently contain sugar and are expensive. Hence, many health conscious households are seeking to make homemade ketchup as a nutritious alternative.

Ketchup originally comes to us from China as a fermented fish sauce. It is definitely a traditional condiment used for centuries as part of healthy ancestral diets. In the modern era, Americans added tomatoes to make the world famous tomato ketchup of today.

Homemade Ketchup

The ketchup recipe below is lightly fermented using the Nourishing Traditions method. This process utilizes beneficial bacteria to quickly and safely transform the ingredients into an enzyme rich, probiotic filled condiment. Using these “live” foods greatly assists digestion when used in conjunction with a meal of cooked foods. Bring on the grassfed burgers and homemade French fries !

It is important to learn how to make healthy homemade ketchup for your family. If you simply don’t have the time, at least consider purchasing quality ketchup without GMOs. This brand sweetened with honey instead of sugar is a good option. However, it is considerably more expensive than making it yourself.

Easy Homemade Ketchup Recipe

Lightly fermented, delicious tasting homemade ketchup recipe to add probiotics and enzymes to any meal.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 quart
Author Sarah Pope MGA



  1. Mix all ingredients together in a clean, wide mouthed mason jar. 

  2. Leave at least one inch at the top of the jar to allow for expansion during the fermentation.

    homemade ketchup
  3. Leave on the counter for 2 days and then refrigerate. 

  4. The ketchup is well preserved for about 6 months.

Recipe Notes

Use 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper for a more powerful tasting ketchup.

Make sure the fish sauce you use contains ONLY anchovies and salt as the listed ingredients. Many brands contain MSG and/or added sugar.

Homemade Ketchup Video Demonstration

The video below demonstrates how to make ketchup at home. My family loves it. My husband in particular finds it helpful for improving digestion and reducing bloating when eaten with a meat based meal.

I also use it as a base for other condiments like thousand island dressing or fermented barbecue sauce.

Like the written recipe, it is lightly fermented to add probiotics and enzymes. The fermentation process also boosts nutrition and digestibility. It’s like adding a tasty enzyme pill to any meal of cooked foods.

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Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

Sarah Pope has been a Health and Nutrition Educator since 2002. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Sarah was awarded Activist of the Year at the International Wise Traditions Conference in 2010.

Sarah earned a Bachelor of Arts (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) in Economics from Furman University and a Master’s degree in Government (Financial Management) from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mother to three healthy children, blogger, and best-selling author, she writes about the practical application of Traditional Diet and evidence-based wellness within the modern household. Her work has been featured by USA Today, The New York Times, National Review, ABC, NBC, and many others.

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