Making REAL Homemade Mayonnaise (recipe plus video!)

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Homemade mayonnaise with ingredients
The topic covered in this videoblog is how to make REAL homemade mayonnaise. No junky ingredients like soy or canola oil in this recipe (do some people STILL think canola is a healthy oil? Have they been living under a rock or something?).

I’m certainly no pro in front of the camera and this clip could have used some serious professional editing, but perhaps the amateur nature of this video gives everyone struggling to cook traditionally in their home some hope.

REAL people are the ones making REAL food these days and it is in REAL kitchens, not factories or BRAVO’s Top Chef Show. Recent Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio might be able to cook, but he is clueless about oil nutrition. He uses canola oil to fry gnocchi (Food & Wine, April 2010). How horrible! Michael, give me a call buddy. You need an immediate kitchen intervention.

Big Food can keep their snazzy commercials, flashy packaging, and catchy marketing hype because that’s all they’ve got. The foods they produce are completely worthless from a nutritional point of view.

This homemade mayonnaise is absolutely delicious, full of enzymes and nutrition. You won’t believe how you got by for so many years on the franken-mayo from the store after tasting this!

Below is the basic homemade mayonnaise recipe followed by the videoblog for those who are visual learners.

REAL Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe


1 whole egg
1 egg yolk
1 tsp organic Dijon mustard
1 1/2 TBL lemon juice
1 Tbl liquid whey (optional – do not use powdered whey from the store)
1 cup avocado oil
large pinch of sea salt


Wash eggs, preferably locally produced and free range (organic store eggs ok in a pinch but do not use regular store eggs) in warm soapy water and dry well.  Crack and place raw, washed egg and egg yolk in a food processor.   Add dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt, and whey.  Close the lid and pulse a few times to mix.  Stream the oil of choice into the food processor via the small holes in the lid all the while pulsing the food processor to emulsify the oil with the other ingredients.

When all the oil has been emulsified, taste and add more lemon juice and sea salt if desired.  Pulse once or twice to mix.

Use the mayo plain or add organic onion powder to taste to make a healthy ranch dressing!

The mayo will last about 2 weeks in the fridge if no liquid whey is added and a month or two if the whey is added.   The mayo becomes firmer over time in the refrigerator.

Prefer to Buy Mayo Instead?

If making your own mayo still seems like a daunting task even after watching this video, know that healthy mayo is finally available for purchase. I always keep a jar in the pantry in case I am out of homemade mayo, but need some right away.  This brand uses the exact same ingredients as the recipe above, and it taste delicious!  The only drawback is that it uses pasteurized eggs and not raw eggs like the homemade version. Check it out here.

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