Healthy Homemade Jello Pudding Recipe (+ VIDEO)

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homemade jello
Homemade jello made with unprocessed ingredients is an easy, fast and yummy treat that is the perfect pudding dish to take to cookouts and potlucks. It pleases junk food and healthfood fans alike.

People sometimes get a puzzled look on their faces when I suggest jello as a healthy treat for kids.

This is understandable, because boxed jello pudding from the store, which is almost without exception the type of jello anybody sees anymore, is one of the nastiest, most artificial concoctions on supermarket shelves. I literally cringe anytime I see an adult serving this frankenfood to a child.

The artificial coloring and flavorings in processed jello pudding combined with the genetically modified white sugar are guaranteed to make your child hyper and irritable.

There is literally not a single thing in supermarket jello pudding that is Real, that is, from Mother Nature. It is a laboratory experiment to the highest degree, and those who eat it, sadly, the willing guinea pigs.

Here are the ingredients of strawberry jello as a simple example:


It really is hard to believe that this stuff is even legal to sell for human consumption.

Let me show you the recipe for making jello at home. Only TWO ingredients are necessary!

If you enjoy this way to make healthy jello, try this recipe for elderberry jello too!

Homemade Jello Pudding Recipe

Recipe for homemade jello that you can make in minutes that is actually healthy too bypassing the artificially flavored and colored GMO concoctions at the supermarket.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 6 cups
Author Sarah Pope MGA



  1. Juice enough fresh organic fruit to make 6 cups fresh juice. Alternatively, purchase unpasteurized fruit juice of choice from the healthfood store.  Do not use pasteurized juice if you can possibly help it even if it is organic as this is just sugar water with little nutritional value. Most of the vitamins and all of the enzymes have been destroyed in pasteurized fruit juice from the factory processing.

  2. Pour fresh juice into a glass bowl. 

  3. Mix gelatin with a few ounces of boiling water stirring vigorously. Pour water with dissolved gelatin into the bowl of fresh fruit juice stirring until thoroughly mixed. 

  4. Refrigerate overnight. Serve chilled by itself or with homemade ice cream.

Recipe Notes

Do not use collagen peptides instead of gelatin as it will fail to gel the juice.

To make a probiotic jello, try making this recipe with homemade orangina, root beer, or ginger ale!

For a medicinal type of jello treat to serve when your child is ill or has a cough, make this recipe using elderberry syrup.

How to Make Healthy Jello (video)

Believe it or not, jello pudding can be a very healthy dessert when you make it yourself!  In this video tutorial below, I show you how to make homemade jello pudding easily and within minutes in your kitchen with the fresh fruit juice of your choice!

I personally feel that serving your children fruit juice as jello is better than a straight glass of juice, because they get a bit of protein with it in the form of grassfed gelatin. In addition, my children will typically consume about half as much fruit juice when it is made into jello pudding as opposed to drinking it out of a glass.

Why is this important? Because fruit juice has a lot of fructose in it, and even though fresh fruit juice is healthy, you don’t want to overconsume it for that reason. Too much sugar, no matter what the source, is problematic to health. Not to mention the canker sores you will likely get from consuming too much fructose no matter if it is natural from fruit or the (GMO) high fructose corn syrup variety found in soda and other processed foods.

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