Homemade Chocolate Pudding

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homemade chocolate pudding

It is a sad fact that most folks under the age of 60 don’t remember how to make homemade chocolate pudding from scratch. Boxed pudding (like Jell-O Brand – yikes!) was introduced to the American public during the processed food explosion that gained momentum after WWII ended.

The incredible ease of making instant pudding by just emptying a box of sugar/chemicals into a bowl and mixing in some milk quickly eliminated any memory of how to cook homemade chocolate pudding over the stove with real ingredients!

There’s not doubt that warm, homemade chocolate pudding cooked over the stove is the ultimate comfort food.   There is no reason why it can’t be full of nutrition as well!    After you try this recipe, I guarantee you won’t be buying boxed pudding (a la “chemicals in a box”) ever again.   Your children (and YOU) will love this.

Homemade Chocolate Pudding


3 cups whole milk (preferably fresh, nonhomogenized milk from a local family farm)
2  extra large, free range eggs or 4 egg yolks
1 Tbl grassfed butter (where to find)
1/4 cup freshly ground flour (where to find)
1/2 cup cocoa or carob powder (where to find)
1/2 cup sucanat or rapadura (evaporated cane juice) (where to find)
4 drops liquid stevia (where to find)
2 tsp vanilla (where to find)
2 tsp chocolate extract if using carob powder (where to find)


In a large saucepan, combine sugar, flour and cocoa or carob powder. Stir in milk.  Cook and stir with a whisk over medium heat  until the mixture is thickened and bubbly.  Cook a couple more minutes and then remove saucepan from heat.

In a small glass bowl, beat eggs or egg yolks and then gradually stir in about a cup of the cooked mixture all the while whisking vigorously.      Return egg/milk mixture to the saucepan and put back on medium heat.     If using eggs, cook/stir until nearly bubbly but not a boil.    If using yolks cook/stir to a low boil.     Reduce heat and cook/stir for a couple more minutes.

Remove homemade chocolate pudding from heat.   Stir in butter, stevia, vanilla and optional chocolate extract.  Let cool for 5 minutes and serve warm.

Spoon out the uneaten portion into single serving homemade chocolate pudding snack cups with lids and you have healthy lunchbox pudding cups!

For a how-to video of this homemade chocolate pudding recipe, click here.


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