How to Make Whey (Instructions and Video How-to)

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wheyDid you know that you can make whey and cream cheese from clabbered raw milk?  The video and article below describes how.

Whey the REAL Way

Making real, liquid, nutrient rich, unadulterated whey in your own kitchen is a MUST step for any traditional cook to learn.

Without whey in its whole, liquid form, many other traditional recipes cannot even be attempted.   You cannot buy whey from the store except in a denatured, unhealthy, powdered form, so make sure you take the time to implement what I show you in this video.

In subsequent videos, I will show you how to use this whole food form of whey to make many delicious, healthful recipes for your family.   Whey as made in this video will keep up to 6 months in the refrigerator in a glass mason jar.

If you absolutely have no access to farm fresh milk to make whole, unadulterated, enzyme rich whey, then you can use plain, organic yogurt instead and do pretty much exactly the same thing as shown in the video.

You won’t get nearly as much whey using yogurt as clabbered, farm fresh milk, but at least you can get enough to get you started.   My favorite brand of yogurt from the store is Seven Stars.   The milk used to make this brand of biodynamic, organic yogurt comes from old fashioned, grassfed jersey or guernsey cows.

Wonderful Whey and REAL Cream Cheese

The raw, enzyme rich strawberry cream cheese I make in the video is fantastic on a sourdough or sprouted bagel for breakfast. French Meadow makes a fantastic, spelt sourdough bagel. Food for Life has an excellent seven grain sprouted English muffin too (don’t buy the Ezekiel sprouted muffins as that one has soy).

To make, just take your cream cheese left over from making liquid whey and add a few strawberries and a dash of Grade B maple syrup to taste. Mix together by pulsing a few times in your food processor. This wonderful, fresh, REAL strawberry cream cheese will last one to two weeks in the refrigerator.  Another wonderful use for this healthy raw cheese is to make no bake cheesecake.

You will turn up your nose to the fake, Philadelphia strawberry cream cheese after trying this truly healthy, probiotic rich, homemade version.

No access to raw milk where you live?  No problem.  Click here for a video on how to separate whey from a container of plain yogurt from the store.

Whey and Cream Cheese (Video How-to)

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