Homemade Steak Sauce or Marinade

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In my Basic Dressings and Sauces Video, I demonstrate how to make 8 different condiments and dressings in a snap.  Due to time constraints and trying the keep the video under 10 minutes, I didn’t include a homemade steak sauce.

Store bought steak sauce is something I stopped buying years ago as it seems they are all loaded with MSG.  And, that little tray of various steak sauces that they bring you in a steak restaurant?   Steer clear unless having a really bad headache or migraine within the next day or two is your goal!

By the way, don’t forget to tell the waiter to tell the chef not to brush anything on your steak before it’s grilled – yeah, an msg based flavor enhancer is frequently used at steak restaurants to make them mouth watering (and headache inducing, but most folks fail to connect the dots on that one).

If you’ve been wondering how to whip together a delicious homemade steak sauce to use with those grilled grassfed steaks over the weekend, search no more.  Here’s a homemade steak sauce recipe to try:

Homemade Steak Sauce

Makes 1 cup


1/2 cup organic ketchup (where to find)

1 TBL grainy mustard (where to find)

1 TBL lemon juice

3 TBL grassfed butter or ghee (where to find)

2 TBL dry sherry

1 tsp fish sauce (where to find)

dash of Tabasco sauce

1/4 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp pepper


Mix all ingredients in a small glass mason jar set in a small pan of simmering water.  Stir a few times until the butter or ghee is melted and the sauce is warm.  Serve.

Store leftover homemade steak sauce in the refrigerator.

Homemade steak sauce typically keeps for about a month.

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Source:  Wise Traditions Conference 2007, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner by Sally Fallon Morell

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