How to Have a Healthy Birthday Party for Your Child Part 2

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As I discussed in my previous post, a healthy birthday party for your child starts with making the cake yourself!    We’ve discussed how to make the cake, now let’s talk frosting!   The secret to making a frosting that is delicious and imparts nutrition is BUTTER!   The more butter, the better. And, if the butter comes from cows that graze on grass (as opposed to confinement cows which eat grains and soy), the butter is even more nutritious.  Try to find a local dairy farmer from whom you can purchase grassfed butter.     Check out for sources near you.

For those of you who still think butter is not healthy, I would suggest that you take a look at what Americans ate before 1922 (when Crisco, the first transfat, hit the market).   They ate lots and lots of butter and cream!   Did they get heart attacks?  No, they did not.  In fact, the first documented death in the United States from artherosclerosis (clogged arteries) was in the late 1920’s.   So, is it possible that we Americans, and now the rest of the world, are getting a snow job about butter being unhealthy so that the profit hungry edible oil industry can make a fortune selling you fake butter spreads?   I think it is not only very possible, but completely probable.

Now that we’ve established that butter is the way to go as a basis for a nutritious, great tasting frosting, here’s the recipe I used for my son’s birthday cake:
1/2 cup deep yellow, grassfed butter, softened
1/2 cup cocoa or carob powder (or 1/4 cup of each)
1/3 cup boiling water
4 cups sifted, organic powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
Mix powdered sugar and cocoa/carob.   Add butter, boiling water, and vanilla.   Beat with an electric mixer on low till combined.   Cool for a few minutes and then frost your cake.     Recipe will frost tops and sides of a double layer cake (9X13 pan).
The best part is to let your child watch you make the frosting and then let them lick the bowl clean.    Teach them that eating right even at a birthday party can be fun and delicious too!
Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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