Go Grain Free! Gluten Free Alone Will Not Heal You

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Editor’s Note:  Dr. Jill Tieman is a fellow Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation.  I got to know Jill last year at the Wise Traditions Conference in Dallas and look forward to reconnecting with her again at Wise Traditions 2012 in Santa Clara, November 9-11, 2012.

Dr. Jill is a recognized expert in how to implement a grain free traditional diet to rectify a number of maladies that simply going gluten free do not fully address or resolve.  She is currently accepting enrollments for her online class Go Grain Free that is a primer for anyone who needs to implement this traditional food strategy to regain vitality and health. 

By Guest Author Dr. Jill Tieman of Real Food Forager

My journey into grain-free eating emerged from years of dealing with chronic sinus problems and headaches. As a chiropractor I get adjusted all the time, but it still was not helping my headaches. Even though my neck would need the adjustment, the real source of the problem was my sinuses getting inflamed — sinusitis. If you have this, you know it can be debilitating.

As far back as I could remember, I had headaches. I would cry to my mother  about them and have to lay down on the couch to get relief. She would mash up an aspirin tablet on a spoon with a little water and I had to take that nasty stuff to feel better.

After years of taking aspirin for my headaches as a child, I realized that it had caused damage to my stomach. As I went through high school and college I became passionate about not taking medications and finding natural ways to address health problems.

I’ve been a nutritionist and chiropractor for over 20 years. In that time I’ve tried many dietary approaches with the goal of improving health conditions. The conclusion I’ve drawn from this, is that some will work for some people but not every diet will work for everyone. One size does not fit all. That being said, I have found the grain-free diet to work much of the time for many people.

For my sinus problems and headaches it worked a miracle. The only time I get sinus congestion and the resulting headache is when I go off the grain-free diet for a few days in a row. Generally, I am on the diet 100%.

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet was the first grain-free diet I started.  I found SCD for a patient’s young daughter who had ulcerative colitis. I started the diet with them because I thought it may help my own problems with leaky gut (as a result of taking aspirin for headaches) and sinus problems. I also never recommend something to a patient that I haven’t tried myself. So we all started together.

Other grain-free diets such as GAPS, Paleo or Primal are also great. At this point I combine all of these diets along with the principles of the Weston Price Foundation as my eating guide.

Go Grain Free is an online class that is the result of years of developing recipes that are grain, dairy, soy, additive and refined sugar free. How’s that for a mouthful!  I hope you decide to join us!  Use the coupon code NOGRAINS and get an additional $20 off!

Here is a recipe and sample video from the class, for preparing red peppers to make them more digestible and really delicious!


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Mother to 3 healthy children, blogger, and best-selling author, she writes about the practical application of Traditional Diet and evidence-based wellness within the modern household. Her work has been featured by USA Today, The New York Times, ABC, NBC, and many others.

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