Non-Dairy Homemade Formula (Recipe and Video How-to)

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non-dairy homemade formula instead of soy formulaLast week’s video covered how to make homemade milk based baby formula for your child if breastfeeding is not an option. This week’s e-class covers how to make a non-dairy homemade formula if your child cannot tolerate milk based formula even if it is made with fresh, clean, grassfed, organic milk.

The following formula is based on homemade broth and a small amount of cooked, organic grassfed liver instead of milk as the source of protein.   Traditional cultures sometimes used liver pre-chewed by the Mother as a baby’s first food.   Liver is very easily digested and full of nutrition and cholesterol for baby’s rapidly developing brain.

Commercial hypoallergenic formulas rely on soy as the protein source. Soy formula is a devastating food for babies as it is loaded with plant estrogens which wreak havoc with the baby’s developing hormonal system.   In addition, soy contains some of the highest levels of phytic acid found in any food.  Phytic acid contributes to poorly developed, cavity prone baby teeth and poor bone structure (i.e., turned in feet, flat feet, sunken chest etc) as it blocks mineral absorption.

Whatever you do, if your child cannot drink a milk based formula, DO NOT go for the soy!

What a relief for a concerned parent that a safe, healthy, nondairy homemade formula can be made at home with nutrient dense, whole food ingredients.

Most babies who cannot drink the homemade milk based formula THRIVE on this hypoallergenic homemade formula.

You will immediately notice that whey and lactose are used in this hypoallergenic recipe. The vast majority of babies will do fine with these milk derived ingredients as it is the milk protein (casein), not the lactose or whey that was causing the problems with the milk based formula. In the rare case that baby is not thriving on this formula, remove the whey and substitute GMO free dextrose or sucrose for the lactose.

Non-Dairy Homemade Formula Video How-to

Non-Dairy Homemade Formula

Makes about 36 ounces of homemade formula

Click here to find all the ingredients for the homemade formula such as gelatin, lactose, and acerola powder etc. as one package.


3 3/4 cups homemade beef, chicken, buffalo, turkey, duck, goose, or lamb stock
2 oz organic, grassfed liver (beef, buffalo, or lamb) cut into small pieces
1/4 cup liquid whey.  Do not use if baby shows signs of whey intolerance. DO NOT use powdered whey from the store or whey from making cheese.
5 TBL goat lactose (less expensive cow lactose is also fine, substitute dextrose or sucrose if the baby cannot tolerate lactose)
1/4 tsp Bifidobacterium Infantis Powder1/2 tsp unflavored cod liver oil
1 tsp expeller pressed, organic sunflower oil
2 tsp organic, extra virgin olive oil (in a dark bottle)
1 TBL virgin coconut oil
1/4 tsp acerola powder


Simmer the liver pieces gently in the homemade broth until cooked through.
Liquify the liver in the broth using a hand held blender or a food processor.
Let the broth cool, then stir in the remaining ingredients or blend for a few seconds in a blender.
Store formula in glass jars in the refrigerator.
To serve the homemade formula, pour into glass baby bottles and warm in a baby bottle warmer or in a pan of hot water.

NEVER microwave baby bottles!

See the homemade formula video above for details. This article provides a how-to for making homemade goats milk formula if you would like to try this first.

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