baby first foodWhat is the best baby first food?  This is a question all parents inevitably ask and the answer given by most pediatricians is rice cereal.

Unfortunately, any grain based food is not a good idea for children only a few months old as a baby’s immature digestive system does not produce sufficient amylase,

traveling with homemade formula

So you’re getting ready to leave town for the holidays?   How fun!   How’s the packing going?

Shoes.  Check.

Clothes.  Check.

Socks.  Check.

Traveling with homemade formula?   Hmmm.


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*Scroll down to the end of this post for the new video class plus transcript on how to make your own homemade baby formula which includes both milk based and hypoallergenic recipes.

IMG_1158One of the most controversial topics surrounding the issue of breastfeeding is what a woman should do if she finds herself unable to nurse her baby.

nondairy homemade formulaA popular recipe on this blog covers how to make homemade milk based baby formula for your child when breastfeeding is not an option. This recipe plus video demonstrates how to make a non-dairy homemade formula if your child cannot tolerate a milk based formula even if it is made with fresh,

homemade baby formulaThere is no doubt that breastfeeding your baby is the best option for the child’s long term health and development. Human breastmilk from a well nourished mother is the perfect food for baby. However, in circumstances where the child is adopted or the Mother finds herself unable to breastfeed, formula feeding becomes necessary. In those cases,

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