Healthy, Homemade Soda in 5 Minutes

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homemade sodaI’ve blogged in the past about the traditionally made, fermented, homemade soda I make in my home. Such drinks like kombucha, kvass, and homemade root beer are loaded with probiotics, are delicious to drink, and greatly assist digestion and nutrient absorption when sipped with meals.

What to do if you are temporarily out of homemade soda and the kids really are wanting something “soda like”?


My son came up with this creation and it pleases not only my kids, but other children as well who have visited our home for parties and the like.

5 Minute Homemade Soda

First, you will need to make homemade soda in five minutes is a bottle of liquid stevia.

Stevia is a South American herb that is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar yet does not have a marked effect on blood sugar. It is also extremely low calorie. It is the safest way to get the sweet taste with no negative effects. I prefer to use liquid stevia which is available in the sweetener section of most healthfood stores.

Make sure you don’t buy any of the genetically modified versions of stevia like “Truvia” manufactured by Cargill and Coca-Cola. It always concerns me when companies try to take something completely natural, like stevia, and warp it into something that is patentable so they can make money on it.

Just use the real thing and boycott the stevia counterfits. There isn’t anything “true” about “Truvia”. It is all marketing hype and not a healthy substitute for sugar. Only use the real thing: 100% stevia marketed by no other name.

The second thing you will need to make five minute homemade soda is some sort of chilled seltzer water. Seltzer water from a natural source such as Perrier or Pellagrino is best, but plain seltzers made with carbonated and purified water are fine too. Try to buy your seltzer in glass bottles if possible.

Once you have seltzer and real stevia on hand, pour some chilled seltzer into a glass and add either a spritz of fresh juice or a few drops of pure orange or lemon-lime extract.

Flavorganics has a nice line of natural flavor extractives. Another option would be to buy a naturally flavored seltzer like Syfo cherry and then add a few drops of kola nut extract to make a natural cola flavor. Finish off your homemade soda with a few drops of stevia, stir, taste, and add more flavor if desired. You now have a mildly flavored, cherry cola homemade soda that will quench your kids’ thirst for a treat!

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