how to roast gooseGoose is a wonderful option to run-of-the-mill chicken for a celebratory dinner. The taste and texture is somewhere between turkey and duck. Since our family always eats pastured turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, we like to enjoy a different type of fowl for Christmas just to mix things up. This year, it was time for roast goose once again!

caprese salad recipeOne of my favorite dishes to order while traveling is a caprese salad. The picture above is one that I ordered in Amsterdam recently. It was amazing!

I’ve discovered over the years that a simple caprese salad made exactly the same way can taste quite different depending on the location. Between the type of tomatoes arranged on the plate to the thickness,

gluten free pizza crustIn my view, it pays to to know how to make pizza seven ways to Sunday. This is because pizza is such a popular food that chances are, your family will enjoy eating it frequently. Knowing how to make this foodie favorite with a variety of toppings and crusts varies the menu and nutrition with no loss in enjoyment.

red sauce over quinoa pastaThere is no doubt that making your own red sauce with fresh, preferably heirloom tomatoes is best.

What to do when fresh tomatoes are out of season? Or, you need homemade marinara in a hurry and don’t have time to run to the store or farmer’s market?

In those instances,

dry briningYears ago, when our family transitioned to locally raised, pastured meats, we had to learn a host of new skills for how to season and cook them. No more store bought pre-seasoned, saline injected McNugget mixtures for us! Crockpots, marinades, and wet brining became our thing.

The first year we purchased a local turkey,

turkey brine and seasonings in a stockpotWith each passing year, more people seem to be making the effort to source pastured poultry over conventionally processed birds. Several folks in my neighborhood now raise Thanksgiving turkeys in their backyard! Such a cool trend, don’t you think? If eating pastured turkey is something you would like to try this holiday season, it is a good idea to plan to take the time to make traditional turkey brine and soak your bird before roasting.

city chicken skewers in a panIt’s might be hard to believe at first, but back in the days of the Great Depression, chicken was hard to come by in the cities. It was so rare, in fact, that when it was available, only the rich could afford it. To compensate, a regional dish known as city chicken became a popular substitute in the urban areas ringing the Great Lakes.

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