potato soup recipeWhen I make this hearty potato soup made with chicken bone broth for dinner, my family is very excited. It is one of their absolute favorites, particularly when I add LOTS of bacon! I mean, baked potatoes are fantastic with bacon bits on top, right? So why not add it to potato soup too?

raspberry vinaigretteI wrote recently about the raspberry overload going on in our refrigerator and how we were using my favorite lassi recipe (Indian yogurt smoothie) to use them up. During that time, I also made raspberry vinaigrette. Fresh raspberries blended into a salad dressing works well as the vinegar portion very effectively preserves the berries for many weeks.

lassi yogurt drinkMy approach to food shopping with my children is essentially to let them put anything in the cart as long as it’s healthy. The positive side of this approach is that it encourages creativity and trying new and unusual foods. It also focuses the attention on saying “yes” to nutritious foods instead of a repetitive “no”

wild rice milk in a glass One of the biggest problems with rice milk as a milk substitute is that it is basically a glassful of carbs. There is little to no redeeming nutritional value including a hugely imbalanced macronutrient profile. This means that there is no fat and little protein to balance out the high carbohydrate content.

red sauce over quinoa pastaThere is no doubt that making your own red sauce with fresh, preferably heirloom tomatoes is best.

What to do when fresh tomatoes are out of season? Or, you need homemade marinara in a hurry and don’t have time to run to the store or farmer’s market?

In those instances,

key limes for key lime pieKey lime pie is one of my family’s all time favorite desserts. Making it conventionally is a surefire way to risk a nasty cold or sinus infection though. The reason is the sweetened condensed milk that is a key ingredient of this dish. It is one of the most allergenic and unhealthy processed foods on the market!

arrowroot flour in a bowlIn recent years, a surge of options has emerged for those looking for alternatives to grain based flours and thickeners, particularly those made with wheat or GMO corn. Once expensive and hard to find, dozens of gluten free flours are now easily sourced. Of the numerous choices available, arrowroot is among the most popular due to its versatility and impressive nutritional profile.