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I am so excited!!    I have a great guest post coming up this week from a gal whose story of healing from the simple act of going grain and starch free will amaze and inspire you!

In the meantime, I thought I would get everyone’s enthusiasm going for the life changing, autoimmune healing power of following the GAPS Diet (by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD) by posting a few of my favorite GAPS friendly recipes from around the Real Food blogosphere from this past week.

Be not intimidated nor discouraged!   For the vast majority of people,  GAPS is not a forever way of eating – it is a temporary measure (6 months – 3 years on average) to heal one’s gut from years of abuse by processed foods, pharmaceuticals and other bodily insults so that digestion proceeds smoothly once again.

Almond Flour Blueberry Muffins

Perfection is also not required.   If you follow GAPS the vast majority of the time and really give it your best shot, you will be astounded how your digestive health will rebound and those autoimmune issues will slide into remission.    Poor gut health = autoimmune disease?    Yes, this is the crux of it.

The good news is that you can enjoy delicious real food using grain free flour from seeds and nuts that will delight and titillate your family’s taste buds.  Here are some Real Food recipes to get the creative juices flowing in your kitchen:

From The Coconut Mama, grain free coconut cupcakes.    Great for a kid’s birthday party!

From Divine Health, grain free zucchini bread.    Who said eating grain free was hard with recipes like this?!

From Health, Home, and Happiness, grain free crackers.    A healthy addition to any child’s lunchbox.

From Food Renegade, almond flour banana bread.     The almond flavor goes soooo well with the ripe bananas.

I hope you find these recipes inspirational and a nice change from the run of the mill grain based versions (pun definitely intended)!

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