Soaking Flour for Maximum Digestibility (plus video)

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soaking flour basicsThis video features one of the traditional methods of grain preparation:  soaking flour before making bread or making baked goods.

This traditional cooking technique is important to reduce anti-nutrients such as phytic acid in the grains which improves digestibility and absorption of minerals considerably. Other methods for reducing anti-nutrients in grains and improving digestibility include sour leavening (sourdough) and sprouting.

How to Soak Grains Dairy Free

For those with milk allergies, substitute 1 cup of filtered water per cup of flour plus 2 TBL of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and soak as usual for at least 8 hours or overnight.

For those with more extreme wheat sensitivities, the soaking time can be increased up to 24 hours to further breakdown gluten and other anti-nutrients.

Soaking Flour Technique Applies to All Grains

The principle of soaking grains can be applied to other grains as well, including your morning oatmeal.  Folks routinely used to soak oats overnight before cooking back before WWII.

It seems with the modern preference for speed in food preparation, this essential step to soak flour has been lost and hardly anyone under the age of 70 even knows about it anymore.

Try soaking your oatmeal the night before and see how much more filling it is after you cook and eat it the next morning.   Instead of being hungry again at 10am, you will likely be full right through until lunch!    To soak oatmeal, use 1 cup of warm filtered water per cup of oats plus 2 TBL whey, yogurt, kefir, or buttermilk.   Stir together in the pot you will cook them in, cover with the lid and leave overnight.

Cook as usual the next morning.

Try this soaked bread recipe with your soaked flour. You can also try making soaked bread in a bread machine. This recipe tells you how.

How to Properly Soak Flour

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