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Power Shot: Best Green Juice for Congestion

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

best green juice for congestion

Green juice is a popular food for detoxification and with good reason. Fresh green juice prepared from organic, preferably biodynamic, high brix vegetables is a great way to get lots of easy to absorb minerals quickly without any estrogen disrupting pesticide load.

In addition, plain green juice eliminates the fiber that can sometimes cause issues for those with weakened digestion or reflux.

While some green juices need to be used with caution particularly if there is a thyroid problem, history of kidney stones, or candida issues, others like cucumber, celery, zucchini, and wheatgrass are safe to consumer regularly without risk.

When it comes to green juice, my personal favorite is wheatgrass. Nutritional pioneer Ann Wigmore is credited with discovering the health benefits of fresh (never pasteurized!) wheatgrass juice preferably grown under natural conditions. She incorporated its use for detoxification for many years with great results.

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The 5 Reasons Why Grains Are The Hardest Food to Digest

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

grains are hard to digest

By Monica Corrado, MA, CNC

If you’ve heard of the GAPS Diet, Autoimmune Protocol, or the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), you know that elimination of grains is a major step in reclaiming the health of your gut.

But why?

Grains have been consumed for thousands of years by many healthy, degenerative disease free ancestral cultures without an issue. Why all of a sudden do folks need to stop eating them in order to arrest symptoms of autoimmune disease?

Isn’t there an easier way?  The foundation of the Food Pyramid is “heart healthy” whole grains after all. Can’t a person even eat rice when on a gut healing protocol?

Let’s delve into this controversial subject and discuss what it is about grains that makes them so hard to digest for humans especially when there is any sort of compromise in gut function.

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Tiny Teff Grains Deliver Big on Nutrition

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

gluten free teff

I first tasted the delicious, gluten free grain known as teff shortly after my husband and I were married. We met after work at an Ethiopian restaurant that we’d been wanting to try for quite some time. My husband was born and lived his early years in Uganda, and he was eager to introduce me to some of the flavors of his home continent.

I was immediately enthralled and delighted by the basket of soft, spongy flatbread that was brought to our table to use as an edible utensil for our meat stew.

Never having experienced the light, slightly nutty flavor of teff before, I asked the waitress about the bread’s origins. She proudly explained that injera is a traditional fermented bread made from teff flour that is a staple in Ethiopia.

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Homemade Fermented Almond Milk

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

homemade almond milk fermented in a carafe

A healthy milk substitute such as homemade almond milk is an important drink to know how to make yourself in light of the skyrocketing cases of dairy allergies today.

Almond milk made at home can also be fermented to add probiotics and beneficial enzymes that enhance the digestive process and boost the immune system in much the same way as grassfed raw milk. While homemade almond milk is high quality, nutritious and digestible, industrialized versions at the store even if organic should be avoided. The reasons for this are threefold:

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