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Perfectly Probiotic Cottage Cheese (enzyme rich too!)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

probiotic perfect cottage cheese

In the Western world, cottage cheese is nearly synonymous with dieting and all things related to the pursuit of skinny.

The poster child for losing weight since the misguided lowfat dogma of the 1950’s took hold and escorted Westerners down a path to even greater weight and health challenges, cottage cheese is typically served with sliced fruit on top as an ultra low calorie meal.

While certainly a nutritious, traditional food (Little Miss Muffet was probably eating something similar while sitting on her tuffet), cottage cheese in the modern sense has, for the most part, seriously lost its way.

Supermarket and even organic healthfood store cottage cheeses are highly processed, lowfat concoctions that are more likely to trigger binge eating than satisfy and proactively assist with sustainable weight loss goals.

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Kitchari Healing and Nourishing Ayurvedic Porridge

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

bowl of kitchari porridge

The small, locally owned health food store where I have shopped for nearly 20 years has a wonderful deli and juice bar that is a favorite of the locals. I frequently drop in to see what homemade soups are available on the hot bar as my family consumes so much soup and broth that I sometimes find it difficult to keep up on busy weeks.

Recently, I’ve noticed that the hot bar has featured a pot of kitchari every single day I’ve dropped in (which is several times a week) without fail. This was exciting to me, as kitchari is one of the very first traditional dishes I learned about when I began cooking at home and stopped eating out so much at the urging of my amazing doctor at the time, who was both an Ayurvedic physician and an MD.

It’s so neat when something a bit obscure that you’ve enjoyed for a long time starts to mainstream!

Kitchari is a nutritious, tasty and very digestible dish that Indian mothers frequently make for their children when they are feeling under the weather. The soothing nature of this healing and nourishing porridge makes it perfect for a light supper, a brief kitchari fast to rest the digestion, or to take to convalescents and mothers who have recently given birth.

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REAL Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

chocolate chip cookie cake

It is very concerning to me how much chocolate children consume today. It seems that chocolate has become a regular feature in the modern diet with many children consuming it on a daily basis. What’s more, some adults seem to think it’s ok to push it on children which contributes greatly to the problem encouraging the potential development of chocolate addiction later.

I regularly receive emails from parents up in arms over the chocolate being offered to their children at school (without their permission) not just as a reward, but even during testing to help the students stay awake and sharp. What is this all about? This type of thing never happened when I was in school – public or private.

Even worse, the chocolate these children are eating is fake chocolate in most cases. American candy companies have slowly but surely replaced real ingredients over the years with factory synthesized fake flavors and GMO sugar in all but the most top of the line brands. Always read those labels, though, because even expensive, beautifully packaged Godiva chocolate has horrible ingredients. Some European chocolate companies have disappointingly followed suit in the name of improving profits.

If you’ve ever compared the taste of an artificially flavored, GMO sweetened Snickers bar with the real taste of chocolate in an Ocho bar (organic, nonGMO Snickers alternative) you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Red Rooibos Latte: Naturally Caffeine Free

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

red rooibos latte

If you are looking to replace coffee based lattes with something that is naturally caffeine free and absolutely delicious, I would suggest that you try a (red) rooibos latte.

Rooibos lattes are very popular in coffee shops in South Africa, which makes sense given that the rooibos, or redbush, plant is native to that continent.

South Africans have traditionally used rooibos tea for centuries. The Dutch settlers in the area used it as an alternative to expensive black tea. In addition, black tea was not always available as supply was dependent on trading ships from Europe.

Also called red tea, rooibos has an earthy and a slightly nutty flavor that you will likely find extremely appealing after just a few cups. Rooibos tea benefits primarily revolve around the fact that it is naturally decaffeinated and loaded with antioxidants. Other health pluses include anti-fungal as well as anti-mutagenic properties. Rooibos is also of benefit to immune system modulation and assists with nervous tension, skin problems, and digestive complaints.

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How to Make Perfect Yellow Rice (Arroz Amarillo)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

yellow rice topped with peas

Authentic and very delicious yellow rice cooked in gelatin and mineral rich chicken broth instead of water is a great way to get more of this digestion enhancing (and wrinkle reducing) superfood into your family’s diet.

Just to give you some idea, folks on the GAPS Diet who are healing their gut to reverse autoimmune problems incorporate a small cup of homemade broth with every single meal. This is how important this traditional food is to health and healing.

The aromatic spices added to the yellow rice blend very well with the broth. If you are (oops) short on chicken broth for whatever reason, you can use this recipe for easy to make herbal bouillon instead in a pinch.

In my experience, the flavor of the yellow rice is more acceptable to children than plain rice cooked in chicken broth.

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