Homemade Creamsicles (Recipe plus Video How-to)

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homemade creamsicles

When my kids are home from school, they are usually ravenous come mid-afternoon. Providing a snack that steadies the blood sugar, provides nutrition, and is yummy to boot can be a real challenge!

In this video lesson, I’ll show you how I prepare one of the most popular snacks I serve in my home – homemade creamsicles.

Loaded with nutrition, delicious, low sugar and free of any grain based carbs, this snack is sure to please!

Best of all, these homemade creamsicles are a snack you can prepare ahead and have ready at a moment’s notice.

No need to stock the pantry with the backside bulging boxes of cookies, crackers, and chips from the store that are sure to make your child grumpy and lazed out on the couch in front of the TV or playing video games.

Pitch those boxes of store creamsicles too that loaded with GMO sugar, additives and chemicals and get creative! These homemade creamsicles are a healthy alternative you can try right away!

Do you have any other ideas for healthy after school snacks for the kids?  Please share in the comments section! I am always seeking new ideas.

Homemade Creamsicles How-to Video

Homemade Creamsicles Recipe


1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

1-2 Tbl heavy grassfed cream


Mix fresh orange juice and cream well with a whisk so there are no lumps. You can sometimes get freshly squeezed orange juice in season at the healthfood store.

Pour into nontoxic popsicle containers (I like these) and place in the freezer until thoroughly frozen.

Enjoy your delicious homemade creamsicles anytime! They are especially refreshing after an afternoon of hot yard work, for a light dessert after dinner or even for breakfast if you dare! Medicinally, they are wonderful to have on hand in the freezer for a sore throat to comfort a child with something cold that isn’t sugary.

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