Choosing the Best Healthy Salt (plus video)

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healthy salt choices
Getting back to basics is the theme for this video, which focuses on choosing a healthy salt to use in your home. Salt has a bad rap these days getting the blame for conditions such as high blood pressure, hypertension,  water retention, and bloating, among others.  This article explains why you should not fear salt.

“Salt” and “sodium” seem to be used interchangeably, but in reality, they are not exactly the same.

“Sodium” is white salt with only 2 minerals in it (NACL – sodium chloride) that is used everywhere and in large quantities in processed foods.   It is the result of excessive processing of natural sea salt, which normally contains an abundance of health giving minerals.
THIS is the salt that should be avoided.

Natural Sea Salt is What to Use!

On the other hand, there is natural sea salt.

One of the most popular, Celtic sea salt contains over 80 minerals, including iodine, and is part of a healthy diet. It imparts superior flavor to food and helps normalize all functions in the body that require salt to take place such as protein and carbohydrate digestion, brain development in children, and optimal functioning of the adrenal glands.   It is a necessary part of a healthy diet and should not be avoided.   It is my opinion (if someone has seen a study on this, please post in the comments section), that people crave salt and eat too much sodium/white salt because they are mineral deficient and in need of natural sea salt with all its beneficial minerals.   Use of real sea salt may relieve these salt cravings as the body is finally getting all the trace minerals it needs.

Be wary of highly processed salts on the market advertised as sea salt.   If a salt is white, that is your clue that it is highly processed no matter what it is called.   Select a sea salt that has color to it, some are even pink!   A truly healthy salt will have color indicating the presence of other minerals besides just sodium chloride.    Making this change in your home is a critical first step to health.   And, if you have already made other changes to your diet for the better but are still using white salt, today is your day to make this change.

Video on How to Choose Healthy Salt

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