How To Reverse Food Allergies

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food allergies
Food allergies are on the rise, especially FPIES, the “other” food allergy.  It seems like most children nowadays have at least one type of food allergy or intolerance.  In my child’s preschool class last year, out of 12 children in the class, only TWO had no food allergy of any kind.

Did you ever think it possible that food allergies could be reversed?  Well, they can be reversed (even peanut allergies), although most conventional doctors don’t discuss this as a possibility nor do they understand the protocol for doing so.

The truth is that reversing food allergies is not something that someone can learn in a five minute conversation in a doctor’s office.  It requires a complete rebuilding of one’s gut environment and this takes knowledge, lots of knowledge, that can take months of in depth reading to accumulate.

No longer!

The Best Diet to Heal Food Allergies

The GAPS Diet developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD is one of the most effective ways to heal autoimmune symptoms stemming from food allergies.

Dr. Campbell-McBride says that, on average, it takes a child 6-18 months on the GAPS diet to heal food allergies, while an adult may take longer possibly as long as three years.

Note that it will not necessarily take this long for symptoms to subside. It is possible for symptoms to be substantially gone within weeks of eliminating these foods from the diet. Subsiding of symptoms does not mean the person is ready to consume the foods he/she was allergic to, however.

Every person is different and the severity of his/her gut imbalance will determine how long it takes for the gut wall to heal and seal and the ability to digest problematic foods regained.

While the good news is that the GAPS Diet is only a temporary diet to heal the gut, the bad news is that the diet is highly restrictive with the elimination of many foods that cannot be consumed until symptoms of autoimmune illness have completely subsided and the gut is sufficiently healed.

These foods include:

  1. All grains and any food that contains them. This includes wheat, rye, einkorn, rice, corn, oats, amaranth, kamut, spelt, barley, millet, teff, triticale, bulgur, quinoa and any others. Buckwheat, a pseudo-grain, is also not allowed.
  2. Starchy vegetables like white and sweet potatoes, tapioca, manioc, parsnip, arrowroot and taro.
  3. Starchy beans and peas must also be avoided which includes pretty much all of them with the exception of green peas and navy beans.
  4. All sugars including the lactose in milk and cream must be avoided. Honey and very ripe fruit would be the only sweets allowed. Fermented dairy like yogurt and kefir as well as butter and ghee are permitted unless the GAPS condition is severe.

When these foods are slowly re-introduced at a later time, the digestive system will be strong again and able to digest and handle them properly.   This translates into no food allergies!

Note that even after healing, the gut will require constant infusion of probiotics on a daily basis.   You can either supplement your diet with probiotic rich foods like yogurt, kefir, homemade saurkraut, kombucha and others or you can continue taking a therapeutic strength probiotic such as Bio-kult, which is recommended by Dr. Campbell-McBride.

One autoimmune disease begets another, so if you or someone you love has food allergies or another mild form of autoimmune disorder, more severe autoimmune disease will very likely take hold in the future unless the root of the problem (gut imbalance) is addressed.

Autoimmune disease never gets better – it only gets worse over time.

Of course, severe autoimmune disease mandates the GAPS Diet as perhaps the only viable option for reversal and healing.

For this reason, it may be worthwhile to consider the GAPS diet as a measure to fix those food allergies once and for all.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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