Why Soy Formula (even organic) is So Dangerous for Babies

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist March 14, 2013

baby being fed with a bottleToday’s generation of children could aptly be called Generation A where the “A” stands for allergies.

Food intolerances of all kinds are rampant with the very first frequently becoming apparent when a formula fed infant demonstrates an allergy to commercial milk based formula.

The typical recommendation by a conventional doctor in this case is to put the baby on a soy based formula such as Isomil or ProSobee.  About 25% of American babies are fed soy infant formula according to the website of Dr. Sears.

Elemental infant formula might also be suggested, but these are usually reserved for preterm infants and those with specific medical problems such as severe allergies to both milk and soy. Elemental formulas also tend to be foul tasting compared with milk or soy based formula and babies tend to reject them for this reason.

Many parents make the switch to soy formula in haste hoping to ease the digestive discomfort their child is experiencing on milk formulas not realizing the full implications of their decision.

In some cases, parents may never even try a dairy formula at all if a milk allergy already runs in the family. There is no evidence that using soy formula reduces the risk of a dairy allergy later, however.  For this reason, the Committee on Nutrition of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against the use of soy formula in infants who are potentially allergic to cow’s milk.  Milk based formula should still be the first choice even in those situations.

Why Soy Formula is So Dangerous for Babies

The primary problems with soy formula are threefold:  trypsin inhibitors, phytic acid and worst of all: phytoestrogens.

Trypsin inhibitors are proteins found in plentiful amounts in soybeans that inhibit digestion and absorption of nutrients. They are large in size and require application of high heat for appreciable periods of time to neutralize.

The industrialized process of producing soy infant formula deactivates the majority of trypsin inhibitors. Unfortunately, some remain and even in low amounts, they have been found to prevent normal growth in rats.   Given that a baby’s brain grows at its most rapid rate the first year of life, growing to about 75% percent of adult size (it is 25% of adult size at birth), even a slight retardation of growth could be devastating to development of the brain and nervous system.

Phytic acid is an organic acid, which like trypsin inhibitors, is present in large amounts in soybeans. Phytic acid is present in the outer portion of all seeds and blocks the absorption of critical minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and particularly zinc.

Unlike other seeds, soybeans have extremely high amounts of a type of phytic acid that is particularly resistant to deactivation. Researchers testing soy formula in 1967 found that soy formula caused zinc deficiency in every single infant who received it.

Zinc is known as the intelligence mineral because it is critical for optimal development and functioning of the brain and nervous system.  As a result, deficiency of this nutrient in infants at a time when the brain is growing at its most rapid rate could have lifelong implications and possibly reduce IQ.

Phytoestrogens or isoflavones represent the most serious problem with soy infant formula. These estrogen-like compounds have the potential to disrupt baby’s hormonal system for life.

According to the Weston A. Price Foundation:

Toxicologists estimate that an infant exclusively fed soy formula receives the estrogenic equivalent of at least five birth control pills per day. By contrast, almost no phytoestrogens have been detected in dairy-based infant formula or in human milk, even when the mother consumes soy products. A recent study found that babies fed soy-based formula had 13,000 to 22,0000 times more isoflavones in their blood than babies fed milk-based formula.

Flooding of an infant boy’s bloodstream with female like hormones has the potential to cause serious developmental problems at puberty.  During the first few months of life, a baby boy has testosterone levels that could be as high as that of an adult male.   This “testosterone surge” readies the baby boy’s hormonal system for puberty both for normal development of the sexual organs and also patterns of male behavior.

Could soy infant formula be responsible for the increasing problem of boys where physical maturation is delayed or even completely absent with retarded development of the sexual organs?

Baby girls fed soy infant formula may suffer negative hormonal impact as well from early soy exposure.   In a 2010 study, time-to-menarche was assessed in 2,884 girls. Those girls identified as early soy fed via soy infant formula had a rate of menarche in early adolescence (before age 12.5)  that increased by 42%.

Early sexual development in girls can herald serious problems with the reproductive system later in life such as unexplained infertility and breast cancer.

Research from 2012 published in Biology of Reproduction’s Papers-in-Press describes the effects of plant estrogens found in soy on the mouse oviduct. The study was specifically designed to model the effects of soy-based baby formula on human infants. The results of the study suggest that exposure to estrogenic chemicals in the womb or during childhood has the potential to negatively affect a woman’s fertility as an adult.

Organic Soy Formula No Protection from Soy Dangers

Some parents mistakenly believe that genetically modified soy is the main problem and that buying organic soy formula is protective for their infant.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  While organic soy formula does indeed provide a better quality source of soy, organic soy still has the same problems as GM soy – trypsin inhibitors, high levels of phytic acid, and large amounts of hormone disrupting plant estrogens that can devastate baby’s development and hormonal system.

Parents wishing to provide the highest quality formula for their baby should breastfeeding not be an option should consider a homemade formula from grassfed raw milk.  Most babies allergic to commercial dairy formula surprisingly have no problem with a homemade raw milk formula and in the rare case where a dairy allergy presents with the homemade milk based formula, a hypoallergenic formula based on homemade broth and pureed meat can be utilized.

Click here for detailed recipes and a comprehensive training video illustrating how to make either the milk based or hypoallergenic formula.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


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  8. Paul Jones via Facebook April 27, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Please quote a published study to back up the anti soy claims. Unless you can do that, the five birth control pills sounds like a blatant exaggeration

  9. Holly Cruise via Facebook April 27, 2014 at 8:30 am

    Thank you for sharing this! Joan Bishop said it right! AND you don’t know what you don’t know!

    Thanks for all you do, Sarah!

  10. Marilyn Kaye Muma-Reid via Facebook April 27, 2014 at 7:57 am

    My son had only soy formula 23 years ago and he is perfectly fine. I wouldn’t use the soy formula now as it is GMO but he has had no effects from using it. Had to be done, couldn’t breast feed and milk made him extremely ill.

    • My baby son also was given only soy formula, this was back in the early 80′s when it first came to market. He has normal body and a very well developed brain; in fact he’s a scientist and college professor. I agree that the soy has changed for the worst and would not choose it today.

  11. Joan Bishop via Facebook April 27, 2014 at 7:51 am

    why are so many parents being reactive and taking this information personally? That soy acts as a hormone disrupter isn’t personal opinion, it’s based on solid science that has been known for quite some time! Involving emotions isn’t going to help anyone’s kids, paying attention to sound science will.

  12. Heres a brilliant idea. BREAST FEED unless its unpossible like you dont have breasts. God put them there to feed the babies, thats the only reason. Use them. The milk is so good that no formula made can ever replicate it, nor get close to it. Your own body communicates with your babies and helps it cure any cold or other bacterias that baby comes in contact with, what reason would you have to NOT breastfeed?

    • Not everyone can breastfeed. I couldn’t. I literally had no milk come in, not even colostrum! It happens. What if a mother is on a medication that could harm baby? What if something happens to the mother during childbirth? The father certainly isn’t going to breastfeed! Not everyone has the option to breastfeed and babies need nourishment.

    • My daughter would not eat enough from me. I had supply at first but she would not eat more than 1-2 ounces. She didn’t gain one ounce of weight for two weeks! This was stressful for me as I was worrying so much about it that my supply tanked more than it was already even with pumping and taking supplements. She was slightly tongue tied so I went to an ent for that. Didn’t help. I went to a lactation consultant for weeks. Didn’t help. I tried nipple shields. Didn’t help! She would scream and fuss or she would fall asleep and refuse to eat. I was heartbroken and felt terrible to choose to give up breastfeeding. So please don’t make comments when some people wish more than anything that they could have breastfed and they weren’t able to.

  13. Paul Jones via Facebook April 27, 2014 at 1:21 am

    Is this for real? I would think that is an exaggeration. Does Japan suffer immensely for the amount of soy they eat?

  14. Kim Snook Klingele via Facebook April 26, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    Exactly!!! There is a vast difference in the soy grown & used a generation ago & the soy (mostly GMO) used in products today, not just soy infant formula.

  15. Tracy Beteta via Facebook April 26, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    The soy from 20 years ago is not the same as the GMO crap that is out today. I think that it’s important to understand all the facts. My son had to see a Developmental Pediatrician when he was very small. She told us absolutely NO SOY for him. She explained that the soy in today’s formula and even the soy milk in stores can act as a hormone disruptor in little boys and cause them to not develop properly and can cause many issues later in life. This isn’t a bunch of hooey as some of you seem to believe.

  16. If you don’t eat organically then the chemicals and crap you eat no matter how filtered gets into your breast milk the same way some medications do and is why it isn’t safe to take while nursing. The toxins you absorb from environment and the stuff like lotions and stuff you put on your body can also get into breast milk. So unless you eat only organic non gmo foods and use natural chemical free skin care products your baby is still getting toxins…

  17. My husband was fed soy formula and we’ve conceived pretty easily 3 births and 5 pregnancies… Never had and puberty issues either he was right on time! I think this is a load of poo honestly. Scaring mothers into feeling they did damage to their kid. Same thing with any formula, acting as if its poison. Seriously, if its so bad why are soooooo many babies growing healthy on it? I’m very pro breast feeding but I get sick of hearing the crap on formula.

  18. Sam Greenrock via Facebook April 26, 2014 at 10:56 pm

    I had this conversation with my pediatrician my son had soy while infant she didn’t seem to concern cause we pass harmones thru breastmilk too. But time will tell he is going to be 13 this Aug and all seems well. Wished we had all facts back then.

  19. Om Leila via Facebook April 26, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    If you are going to tell parents that soy formula is so horrible, you have to follow it up with hope for parents who gave it to their kids before ever hearing this information. Please have some compassion for people who already used soy formula and can’t go back in time.

  20. Michelle Craddock Braud via Facebook April 26, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    I have a 5 yr old that that is all he would tolerate. Any suggestions on what to do now that the mistake has been made?

  21. my son had sever milk protein allergy and had on NEOCATE amino acid based formula for 3 years .he allergy is over now he take normal diet but his growth is very slow .he is 6 years
    old with a weight of 17 kg and height just 105cm around 3 feet 5 inches. He had a good health when on neocate.is it due to neocate that he is not growing like a normal kid.plz guide.

  22. to all you mothers out there…PLEASE do not believe EVERYTHING you read on the internet. just because some random person who you dont even know say this and that doesnt mean its true lol you know your kid best. while some information is true, biased article info like this can EXAGGERATE the facts.
    pls do your own research and dont listen to everything that you read on the internet. internet is the most unreliable place you can go to regarding parenting/kids.

    and think of this, millions of dollars in research and development for these formulas throughout decades…and you think they wouldnt think of these factors? you think it would still be in the market if ALL kids who takes these formulas turn out to have infertility, slow mental growth and some other things? remember not every child is the same. some kids are just unlucky to have these results.

  23. OK I have a nephew who is now 5 so he’s gotten over this condition but when he was born he was born with lactose intolerance (his mommy is lactose intolerant). It took them 3 months to figure it out he wouldnt keep anything down and she couldn’t produce milk whatsoever so she tried soy milk formula and it worked he stopped puking and he was able to gain the weight he was supposed to. He has not develop any other allergies so I’m sorry but in her situation soy was best for him.

  24. My son had to go on soy formula after he was born (just hours after his birth) because he kept throwing up the milk and I wasn’t producing any milk. He was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and put on medication before he was two years old. He’s 11.5 now and is still taking a thyroid med. He’s average height for his age now but he was on target in the 75% for his age group at 18mths. I’m not sure if the soy milk had anything to do with his thyroid and height issues but I’m just happy that his doctor noticed he wasn’t growing like he should have when he was 18mths old.

  25. My son was put on Whysoy and then Carabel due to reflux but then he and a few others also put on these formulas all have ADHD could being on this have given them this?

  26. The article fails to mention that petrochemical based xenoestrogens, (excluding phytoestrogens) are the likely culprit responsible for women (and fish and everything else exposed) suffering negative hormonal impact related to estrogenic compounds. Phytoestrogens, including resveratrol, have documented positive impacts on cellular health. Phytoestrogens have been around for millions of years and our bodies and genome know what they are and what to do with them. On the other hand, plastic, now ubiquitous, leaches BPA and other estrogenic compounds which our bodies do not process well because they are unknown to our genome. These dangerous endocrine disruptors are responsible for the deleterious effects of estrogenics in the environment. Phytoestrogens may actually inhibit their effect by acting as an estrogen receptor site inhibitor. This was written by someone without the slightest notion of the complexity of estrogenic compounds in the environment.

  27. This article is wrong. Soy phytoestrogens are epigenetic modulators that improve cellular longevity. Phytoestrogens are high affinity ER-beta receptor site modulators. This is a completely different biological pathway than ER-Alpha receptor site modulators like estradiol. Isn’t it odd that we would have evolved a completely different receptor site and pathway for phytoestrogens if it didn’t have some sort of alternative biological and evolutionary significance? See xenohormesis, S-Equol producers, superoxide dismutase induction via NRF2/Keap1. A number of studies indicate that infants fed soy formulas may benefit for life.

  28. Leo Daly via Facebook February 10, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    Anyone who feeds their Bub soy is an idiot. What happened to good old breast and cow milk. Soy tastes horrible apart from lacking basic nutrients.

  29. Sharon Lindsley via Facebook February 10, 2014 at 9:18 pm

    baby’s only is the only one to use – check out food babes article on non gmo formula or just google non gmo baby formula..

  30. Michelle Rowton James via Facebook February 10, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    Wrote another WIC prescription today and as always I marked NO SOY EVER!!!!!! across the soy section. So sad that it’s even still an option for those kids!

  31. Homemade formula with raw milk or cultured milk should be taught to all pediatricians. There are alternatives to processed milk based and soy formulas, but of course most mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding will never be told about these options.

  32. Nicola Monroe via Facebook February 10, 2014 at 11:12 am

    Ok I have my baby on the Baby Only Soy Formula, what do you recommend to change too?????????? I do not have time to make my own!!!! The Healthy Home Economist

    • Hi Nicola – Have you had success with Baby Only Soy? We are currently on Prosobee and I’m trying to decide whether to stay on that or switch to Earth’s Best or Baby Only.

  33. Elizabeth Yirak via Facebook February 10, 2014 at 10:09 am

    To all those saying their child has a milk allergy, I would suggest your ped prove it. Our ped said that about both our children and he was wrong. They had reflux, and the only thing that really helped was zantac, not changing their formula 20 times.

    Also, there are tons of things out there to help with gas and indigestion in infants. My sister had a colicky baby that had stomach upset from just about anything she ate she breastfed) and after begining colief with each feeding, his colic pretty much disappeared. Sometimes babies just have a harder time breaking down the milk proteins, doesn’t mean the have a true milk allergy!

  34. Drema Happy Superplum Gould via Facebook February 10, 2014 at 12:38 am

    Yes. I have felt for a very long time that soy was NOT a good food – especially when I see so many women who own health food stores die of estrogen related cancers – and it didn’t help when ‘the father of macrobiotics’ & his book about getting rid of cancer with macrobiotics (and it’s Japanese based high soy diet) – his wife got cancer and died back in the 90′s I think. The owner of a health food store I worked at for 10 years and my good friend got an extremely aggressive cancer & was dead within a month of being diagnosed & she ate from her organic garden & organic lambs they raised – but I’m sure she ate a lot of soy products from the store, too. She was awesome & very much missed. Excellent post.

  35. I had the same problem as Sheilla. Soy was the only thing that helped him. Dangerously underweight and severe intolerance to both breast and cows milk. Nurses were begging me in the end to place him on soy. It has a place in the scheme of things

  36. Sheilla Whittern Salinger via Facebook February 9, 2014 at 11:51 pm

    My son was breast fed until he was he was 8 moths old and then due to medical issues I was having was placed on
    Milk formula. That milk formula made him a very, very sick boy and soy formula saved him. That was 20 years ago, and he hasn’t had any issues and I’m thankful it was available! Now days there are a lot more options for healthier formulas, not everyone can breast feed indefinitely or even at all.

  37. Kim Snook Klingele via Facebook February 9, 2014 at 11:34 pm

    Today’s soy is not what it used to be years ago!! Most soy now is GMO, so not a good option anymore for any age!!

  38. Gwen Campbell Wright via Facebook February 9, 2014 at 11:13 pm

    I had soy formula and feel it set me up for hormone imbalances that I have had my whole life. Now the soy is GMO, who knows what travails that could bring.

  39. two-thirds of breast cancer is estrogen-sensitive, the anti-estrogenic effects of soy isofavones may actually help decrease breast cancer risk. To top it off, studies have found that soy foods and soy isofavones don’t increase breast tissue density or cause breast cells to multiply [8], unlike hormone therapy. In fact, consuming soy during the early years of life (the frst 20 years, to be specifc) may help to reduce the risk of breast cancer later in life. Hooper L, Madhavan G, Tice JA, Leinster SJ, Cassidy A. Effects of isofavones on breast density in pre- and post-menopausal women: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Hum. Reprod. Update. 2010, 16, 745-60, Shimizu H, Ross RK, Bernstein L, Yatani R, Henderson BE, Mack TM. Cancers of the prostate and breast among Japanese and white immigrants in Los Angeles County. Br. J. Cancer. 1991, 63, 963-6.

  40. comprehensive scientifc analysis of the research done on more average intakes of soy–more than 30 individual studies, we might add–found that neither soy foods or isofavones have any effect on male testosterone levels. That’s right, in more than 30 individual studies, it was determined that neither soy foods or isofavones have any effect on male testosterone levels… Messina M. Soybean isofavone exposure does not have feminizing effects on men: a critical examination of the clinical evidence. Fertil. Steril. 2010, 93, 2095-104

  41. Sheri Youngquist via Facebook February 9, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    Thank you, Sarah. Yes, I’ve been reading about this for a few years. I remember reading that a high percentage of men in Japan are effeminate. They eat loads of soy there. On the up side, the Japanese eat the most iodine and have the lowest rate of breast cancer. Check out this great book: Iodine: Why You Need It, by David Brownstein.
    More on the negative effects of soy: http://www.ourinterestingworld.com/health/shocking-effects-of-soy

  42. Lauren Belk via Facebook February 9, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    I was fed soy formula and have had a host of endocrine issues that began early in my childhood and are still very prevalent in my adulthood.

  43. Chris Mocuik-Weber via Facebook February 9, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    both my granddaughters are fine. What were they supposed to have when reg formula didnt work and breast milk was not there either?? jeez

    • Hi Jennifer – what did you end up using in lieu of soy for the milk allergy? We are in the same boat. The hypoallergenic formulas give him terrible diaper rash in addition to being super $$.

  44. Connie Supernault via Facebook February 9, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    What I find frustrating is I have 3 boys, 19, 15 and 11 all were fed soy… WHAT DO I DO NOW? How can I reverse these effects?

  45. Allison King Nagel via Facebook February 9, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    My baby boy had a true milk allergy ( not lactose intolerance) even to breast milk with mom’s diet modified. What was he supposed to drink??!

  46. Kelly Duckels Allard via Facebook February 9, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    My daughter was on soy formula (could not breast feed / stress/ single Mom and she would become horribly gassy on regular formula.). She is a beautiful, smart, healthy 18 year old.

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  49. Thanks for writing this post. I am sure you are very well intentioned, but it is so alarmist and dramatic that it can’t be taken too seriously.

    16 years ago I had to feed soy formula to my son and he turned out to be a completely healthy and intelligent boy. Just like millions of people who have been fed soy formula in the last century. Not to mention some Asian cultures who have been doing it for many centuries.

    Mothers here should be made aware that the Weston A. Price Foundation is the marketing arm of the animal food industry. Being in academia for 14 years now, it is pretty easy to see how they manipulate data so it fits their agenda. I wish I had more time to go in details, but I can’t. However, I would encourage everyone here to google “The Truth About The Weston Price Foundation”.

    I would rather stick with the independently peer-reviewed studies, than studies funded by the animal industry, that keep referencing each other over and over again.

  50. I breast-fed my son for 6 months, and when i started introducing solids, i decided to stop breast feeding slowly.. Because he was suffering from eczema, i decided to go for a dairy-free formula.
    I came across the soy formula, but i did’t know any one who used before..So, i thought was the best choice at the time… I was giving him breast milk in the mornings and at night, and soy during the day…
    At the age of 14 months old i started giving him almond and rice milk… He’s always been so healthy.
    Then when he was 2 years old, we went to a friends farm, and he did try raw goats milk, and he loved it!!! and that was it!! goats milk is the kids best friend!!
    All his eczema disappeared by the age of 2. and the first time he ever had cows milk, was few years ago…
    He is 9 now, super healthy boy, super tall and he’s been at the doctors only 3 times in his life…
    I think i did my best as a parent, and i don’t regret my choice of giving him soy. It was the best choice i could find 9 years ago. It was soy, or steroids for the eczema, and i went for the soy…
    I have a 7 years old boy, and i did’t give him soy formula.. I breast fed him for 8 months, and i give him very little formula (cow’s and goats)… but only because he didn’t have any skin problems..
    Don’t you kill your selfs because you used soy formula in your infants… do the best you can now, to introduce best options in their diet…

  51. If by reason this entire article was correct. And I use the word “if” as loosely as humanly possible. Than a mother being a vegetarian and breastfeeding her child would be givin the same ill benefits to her child as a non dairy formula. This whole so called “study” is without base and has no real facts. How many babies and parents participated in this and where are the fact basis and differences in soy based formulas and milk based formulas. I would love to know the effects of one vs the other. Not suprising that giving formula to a child at the age of 0-12 mos of age will later as a 35 y/o adult will cause you to have cancer. Never mind all the countless years of food intake and proper or improper nutrition as a teenager or adult. Never mind the factor of smoking drinking alcohol or any other illicit drugs in between. I’m almost certain it was the soy based formula that did the trick. I mean come on people are you serious?

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  53. Are you seriously citing a dissertation from some random student as a source? Sure, it’s a study, but to make wide-ranging claims off something like that is ridiculous. The author of that dissertation could be the worst student in her program, cranking out shoddy research, and you wouldn’t even know it! I wouldn’t even use a dissertation as a source for a class paper.

  54. This article is a bit absurd, not every person in america can go themselves a grassfed cow and feed their child. The concept that soy is dangerous to our children needs more research, Because if this is the case, why didn’t FDA(even though I hate them) pull it off the shelves? Just like organic milk, why is that even an option to buy? Why isn’t all our children’s food organic to begin with?

    • Lana,

      I feel the opposite of what you said here: When you say that the concept that soy is dangerous to feed our children needs more research. I say that the concept that soy is safe to feed our children needs more research. It is a food that has never been consumed in the ways it is now prepared and in the amounts that are now popular or recommended. Even in Asian cultures, soy is not and has never been consumed the way it is here. Not to mention, ninety-something percent of the soy grown here is genetically modified. And as someone who has experienced the effects of a high soy diet, I’ll just say that each person is entitled to their own opinion, but I won’t touch the stuff.

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  57. This really sucks! I was fed soy formula but only after having been breastfed for the first 6 months. I’m hoping good genes will help me out here. My fam. tends to be of pretty sturdy farmer stock where they grew and many still do grow and raise their own food and whatnot. So far so good, I’m 26 and have no allergies, hardly ever get sick, 20/20 vision, never needed braces. Hopefully I won’t get breast cancer down the line or something, geez.

  58. Don’t tell them it has demasculating effects, some of these feminazis may start giving it to their sons in the hopes it makes them more feminine, cause who wants to have boys that act like boys, being masculine is a like a freaking crime in this country for some reason.

  59. I have a big, strapping 15 year old son who was on soy formula (due to a family history of dairy trouble) for about 8 months after he self-weaned at 8 months. He has had no physical or learning disabilities–ever.
    He is a very fit 5’10, 140 pounds, and a runner.
    He is all male, right down to his cute little hairy face that he shaves daily–in the 9th grade.
    I hope that any readers tempted to beat themselves up for using soy formula now or in the past will think twice before self-flagellating. :)
    We are all doing the very best we know how to with the information and abilities that we have at this moment. Let’s not look for any reasons to create fear or false feelings of superiority…balance is beautiful!
    This is going to be my day to unsubscribe from this blog. Too many of Sarah’s posts in the past year or so have been unnecessarily provocative, frightening, or just garden-variety rude. Reading such stuff can’t be good for my health in the long run, either.

  60. This post made me very concerned. I felt depressed that I couldn’t exclusively breastfeed because of my low milk supply. I gave her cow’s milk formula till she was about 7 months old. Then I wanted to switch to an organic formula, and I thought soy might be good. When I switched her to soy, her bowels seemed to improve, so I decided to stick with soy. I continued to breastfeed, but she drank mostly formula. I never heard anything bad about soy before. Now I’m concerned about how this might have affected her. What can I do to help her now that she is 13 months old?

  61. We adopted our son out of foster care. When we got him at 6 months of age he was on soy formula. His records did not indicate why. Our pediatrician said if he was doing well on it to continue, so we naively did. He is 18 months now. Any suggestions?

  62. God gave women boobs for one reason, to feed your infant. Like every other FEMALE creature on earth! If infants had been fed breast milk from day one back to the beginning of time, you wouldn’t be having these problems now and there would be no need for manufactured baby formulas!

  63. Mona Hasan via Facebook March 16, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Breast is Best no matter what! I understand that some women arent able to Breastfeed but research all of your alternatives before you give it to your child.

  64. Lacie Parker via Facebook March 16, 2013 at 7:57 am

    Lost good friends because i tried to give them info on soy formula. That was of course me accusing them of being bad parents because i could nurse and they couldnt. People know to come to me for info but ive stopped giving it out unless requested.

  65. Jennifer Warren-White via Facebook March 16, 2013 at 3:30 am

    And a few people asked about alternatives…there’s only one good formula…homemade raw milk formula.

  66. When my little brother was born, he was puking up the soy formula and the breast milk. By accident, my mom discovered that when she fed him skim milk, he would keep it down fine. Apparently it was the FAT in the milk/formula that he couldn’t tolerate. I’m wondering if that’s what is happening with babies that they say are lactose intolerant? My brother is over 50 now and going strong…I have elderly friends who were given goat milk as infants, saving their lives. One friend was raised Amish. I don’t remember what her problem was (maybe it was her mom) but I know she told me that when they put her on goat milk, it saved her life. She’s been using raw goat milk ever since (and had 12 children, including two sets of twins) and she’s in her 70′s now. She breeds and shows Nubian dairy goats. We personally also raised our kids on goat milk. I nursed (and nothing else) until they were a year old, then they went on the goat milk. They are pushing 40 years old now and are big strong men. Our grandkids are the same – being nursed until a year old and then on to raw cow/goat milk. In our state, raw goat milk is legal but cow milk is not. Stupid!! I highly recommend putting your infant on raw goat milk from a clean healthy source rather than formula. And if they have trouble keeping it down, try the skim milk and see what happens.

  67. Jennifer Warren-White via Facebook March 16, 2013 at 2:55 am

    Yes, I’ve tried telling people that soy is bad and I’ve posted links but I still get the “I gave my kid soy and they’re fine” argument. Well, I can put one bullet in a gun and aim it at my kid and there’s no guarantee that they’ll get shot. Same with soy…plus we can’t see what’s going on inside our kids bodies, so they might seem fine, but really aren’t as healthy as they could be.

  68. My daughter had soy formula and she is fine! Top of her class very intelligent. She is now 14 and everything is fine hormonally as well. I get so tired of do this don’t do that, this will kill you this is healthy and 5 years later its the other way around it makes your head spin! Everyone has to make the best decisions they know and really hope for the best. You can’t do everything perfect 100% of the time even with your kids as much as we may try. One other thing I know for fact is EVERYONE is different some people tolerate things and even thrive where others don’t so to say soy is dangerous across the board I think is miss information some people do well where others don’t.

  69. Alicia Anne Ireland via Facebook March 16, 2013 at 12:57 am

    It just shows that you can’t even trust Naturopathic doctors!!!!!!! I was told this was the best route to go when my breast milk dried up with my second and gave him Soy and now this article says that you basically royally SCREWED your son for life. Well if I can’t trust my homoptathic doctor OR my naturopath or my Chiro ALL who told me I was doing thr ‘healthy choice’ using organic everything………and now this???? Everything is found later down the line to be a lie…..literally half of thr things I grew up with I my extreme healthy granola house are not even done any more because they came out with a study that said ________. So tell me……who do we trust?!?!??

  70. Also, if you’re being told your little one is lactose intolerant, do your own research and make SURE that’s really what’s going on. Most doctors are clueless about breastfeeding. True lactose intolerance is very rare in infants – human milk contains significant amounts of lactose, so from either an evolutionary or Creationary perspective, lactose intolerance in a baby just doesn’t make sense.

    It *does* happen in rare instances, but in most cases when doctors say “he’s lactose intolerant,” what’s really going on is overactive letdown reflex and/or foremilk-hindmilk imbalance. Doctors generally won’t tell you this, because they don’t KNOW, but it’s a pretty significant difference because foremilk-hindmilk imbalance can be rectified just by things like changing your nursing pattern.

    If you’re trying to feed a baby something with processed cow’s milk because of an inability to breastfeed, there’s a good chance the issue is in the processing more than in the milk. And goat’s milk is a better match to human breastmilk than cow’s milk.

    So there are usually options…you just have to be willing to think outside the cultural box. :)
    Rachel R.\’s last post: Twiztt Cookware

  71. After 2 years of steadily plugging away at eating nourishing food and following all of the WAPF guidelines, I just heard this week that WAPF discourages a mother from breastfeeding if she doesn’t eat a diet according to WAPF. Can you please clarify this for me? I abhor soy in every form and definitely saw my little brother react to it when he had pancreatitis as a 24 year old due to soy formula and soy milk growing up. But this particular belief against breastfeeding is enough for me to question a lot of the nourishing guidelines. I’m having a crisis of food! Please clarify!!
    Lisa G\’s last post: 7 Quick Takes (#47)

  72. Miki Hojnacki Von Luckner via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 10:21 pm

    Breaks. My. Heart!! I breast fed but also was encouraged to supplement with soy formula b/c I had a big eater. He’s ASD & had all this info been more readily available I could have maybe known better.

  73. Amber Piekarski via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 10:10 pm

    Honestly, I don’t think our gov’t cares a lick about the well being of babies, much less its adult members of society. Haven’t they made that pretty obvious?

  74. Emily, I’m so sorry to hear about your trauma. And Rachel, I agree with you, it would be difficult to even share this on FB, for me, as I have many friends who have used soy. All we can do is share as sensitively as possible! Thank you, Sarah, for an incredibly informative article.

  75. Colleen M Griffen via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    Babies need human milk (or another animal if human is not possible) Milk for the “Galactose” sugar in order to grow their brains (especially) properly. (this sugar is not available in vegetarian milks)

  76. Thanks for getting this vital info out there!! I wanted to wean my son at 10 months onto soy formula, because I was believing all the hype about soy being healthier at that time (this was 18 years ago). My doctor, bless his heart, really discouraged me, telling me to read the label and see that it was mostly sugar. Thank goodness I heeded his warning, and weaned him onto a dairy formula for 2 months until he could drink milk. He’s an extremely healthy 19 year old today!

  77. Erika Queen via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    FWIW, if you myst use commercial formulas, NeoCate is the only one I’ve found (including the hypoallergenic formulas) that doesn’t contain soy oil.

    I work for WIC and have such a hard time letting all these little ones be fed soy (and commercial formula in general). :( Being a government-run/financed operation, there’s only so much I’m allowed to say, but when people come in asking for soy, I do my darnedest to convince them to try the low lactose or hypoallergenic… After all breastfeeding support/assistance has been exhausted…

  78. Larry Underwood via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    If people are that immature that they can’t handle opposing views posted on Facebook or in email, then you have no business being their friends in the first place. Ouch! Yeah, I’m right. Fair weather friends hmm. They should be mature enough to see it and either pass on it or maturely comment that they disagree.

  79. Jeanne Walker McNeal via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    I’m actually curious … since I noticed that every dairy-based formula on the market contains substantial amounts of soy (I seem to get a lot of samples in the mail when I get pregnant) … if this ties in to the increasing rates of autism in boys especially? Along with the the pitocin flush from inductions … :p

  80. Morgaine Donohue via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    She might lose friends because some people dont appreciate the Sanctimommy schtick.

    I do not like soy for a number of reasons, and I tell people those reasons if it comes up. But lets face it, this is just another way that we think we’re better parents than other parents.

    I know, I know “I dont think that at all, Im just trying to save lives!” Well, so is that person who forwards you an article about the benefits of full vaccination. Think about that.

  81. Asti Swastiani via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    I did. But i think she already got too offended that she mentioned the article has no links to anything scientic.

  82. Shannon Rice via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    This must be the cause of all the skinny-pant, wearing Justin Bieber hair styling in today’s so-called men. Lol!

  83. Asti Swastiani via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    Hah! Shared this in a moms group im in n one of them told me not to post something with no reliable links! Cos all it does is just spouting things with no scientific background!
    I was shut down! Can only help people who want to be helped or who want to know better.

    • My milk dried up when my youngest was 2 months old and when exposed to dairy formula had a bad reaction to it so we switched her to soy. She is almost 4 now and perfectly healthy. She is a bit on the small side, but her PA says that is only because her growth was stunted so early on from her feeding problems. My husband was raised on soy and so were all his sisters and they’re all fine. I would definitely have to do more research on this before I passed judgement on soy products. I’m glad to have someone else as skeptical as I am :)

      • Kate,
        G-d Bless you
        I am FREAKING OUT.
        same issue: i was told my son has a milk protein allergy. we gave him the broken down protein formula: Alimentum.
        Then. that was not helping.
        We gave him Soy based formula: ProSobee.
        It has been 26 days… I STOPPED the soy today, after reading this article.
        Deep down I know the soy and estrogens are bad.
        I feel HORRIBLE. I just want to crawl under something and never come up
        Relieved about your post. Made me feel a little tiny bit better.

    • It was puberty that the affects of soy showed up in my child. She was a little overly sensitive and emotional from 7 to 13 , but I thought that was just her. Now she has the most intense side affects , that are text book estrogen dominate traits. I am so sad I missed this when she was a new born :(

  84. Joseph Mendiola via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Raising a baby is NOT like raising chickens or other farm animal for slaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Rachel MacPherson Crouse via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    I would lose friends if I started emailing this around. Is that something people really do?

  86. Amelia Owca Hinote via Facebook March 15, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    Soy is a terrible and cheap protein source, even for menopausal women! Stuff should go away!

  87. Omg! This explains so much! After being born jaunice I was put on soy. I’m 33 and have never had a period! Doctors could not tell me why my reproductive system was under-developed. It’s messed up a huge part of my life to be honest. Unbelievable.

  88. Sarah, I just want to say thank you for this article. Your articles are always very informative. I really appreciate them…keep up the good work!

  89. @Shelley: Yeah I was wondering about goats milk…

    If soy is bad, just how many alternatives are out there? ‘Availability varies widely across the States so more options are all the better.

    I don’t have children but I am very interested in food and nutrition issues.

    • My husband has gynecomastia from taking pro-hormone supplements in weight lifting so we use Almond milk. It is great tasting, my children love it and it is a very healthy alternative to cow’s milk if there is an allergy. My husband and both my kids are allergic to dairy and we trust the almonds lol It comes in original, vanilla, and chocolate, and you can also buy it unsweetened which is great for cooking and baking. You can’t tell a difference. It’s awesome. I would highly recommend it to anyone asking :)

      I’ve also tried Rice milk and it is delicious but a little on the thin side. You don’t have that problem with Almond milk. If you’re looking for a treat though, pick up some Chocolate Chai or Vanilla Hazlenut Rice milk. SO yummy :)

  90. It’s a little less dramatic:

    Dr. Sears actually writes that 25% of FORMULA-FED American babies are fed soy-based formula. But not every baby is formula-fed.
    Looking at CDC data, it seems that only about 10-15% of babies are exclusively breast-fed, so 90% probably get some kind of formula before they’re 6 months old (when 40% are still breastfed, though not exclusively so).

    And OF THESE, 25 % get fed soy-based formula at some time and in some amount.
    So, the percentage of babies mainly fed soy-based formula is smaller.

    It’s still bad stuff, though.

    • I think that EBF typically means they’re receiving NO other nourishment, so some of those babies may be getting baby food/table food rather than formula. (I am flabbergasted by how many people are regularly feeding cereal or other foods at 4 months.)

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  92. It saddens me that so many well known celebrity health practitioners and doctors like Dr. Oz keep highly recommending soy. He has it backwards – less soy is more! Not to mention only fermented soy is safe to consume. It makes me wonder do any of them trust their own instincts and wonder why there are so many different opinions on soy? At least there are alternative bloggers out there like Sarah trying to spread the truth! I hope more Americans start to wake up about real food.

  93. I’m highly devoted to Weston Price and love your blog. We only drink raw milk & have no children. But, I am concerned for the little ones. The farm that I used had fabulous milk, extremely clean farm & milking area. The milk actually had (from letting the cows graze on immature pasture) e-coli & the family’s youngest daughter was hospitalized with kidney failure from the e-coli. It’s very difficult to weigh the risks.

  94. I wish I knew then what I know now. My oldest (now 9) has a true dairy allergy and the only thing suggested once he weaned was soy milk. Later, when I found out the dangers of soy I was astounded and immediately removed it from his diet. He had some behavior issues that eased when we removed it.

  95. What about soy later in life – same harmful side effects? I buy non-GMO soy butter for my son who is allergic to peanuts. I also used soy formula when he was a baby. Ugh!

    • I would use other nut butters (almond, cashew, etc.) if his allergy is specific to peanuts. There is also sunbutter, made from sunflower seeds.

  96. To add to this…

    1) Zinc is one of the most essential nutrients “specific to” the male reproductive system. So decreasing a baby boy’s zinc AND giving him phytoestrogens – well, that’s just not a good mix.

    2) It is my understanding, from a book about infant development I read years ago, that galactose is essential for the myelinization of the nerve cells in the brain. And galactose is only found upon breakdown of lactose – which means SOME form of animal-based milk (preferably human, obviously, but at least *some* non-plant form when that’s not possible) is important for healthy brain development. (And, interestingly, autism is related to issues with the myelin sheaths. I’d like to see them study these things.)

    But I’d also like to emphasize that, as Sarah said, we can’t change the past! I’m confident this wasn’t posted to harass any parents who did use soy formula. :) It’s to inform for the future. You just do the best you know with what you know at the time. :)

  97. A customer at my work has a daughter who had early onset of her menstrual cycle. The little girl is 4 years old. All due to soy. Her doctors and child protection services had the mom in for questioning for child abuse. I feel really bad for the girl…how do you explain that to her?

    I wonder if soy in regularly processed foods further increase the problem? Do vegetarian children (who eat soy) have an increased likelihood of early menstrual onset?

    • I don’t understand why the mother was questioned for child abuse due to her daughter menstruating that early. It’s not like the mom did anything intentionally to cause it.

  98. Clarissa Mc Kenzie via Facebook March 14, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    My son was sooo allergic to soy when he was a baby he would get deathly sick 2 hrs later from eating it. We had to be soo careful, it’s bad stuff. Poison.

  99. Tyra Droegemullr via Facebook March 14, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Thank you for this and all your articles really!!! Soy is horrid! Especially for little babies!!!

  100. Selissa Richter via Facebook March 14, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Allissa, I was ebf until 1, fed a very traditional diet long before it was popular, my mom made EVERYTHING from scratch, raw milk, whole grains, absolutely nothing refined ever, venison or home grown meets only and I started my period at 10. Some girls develop early. My mom didn’t but I did. Don’t worry about it. Relax. Ok?

    • Thank you, Selissa! What an encouraging post. I think that it is always important to keep in mind that EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT and thus can respond to things differently.

  101. Heather Hill-Cantrall via Facebook March 14, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    @Jacqui the issues with soy formula are the same issues with all soy, read the article – the phytic acid and the hormone distruptors etc, no one should be eating soy. No one blamed soy on learning difficulties, I certainly didn’t but I thank goodness I don’t see anything “wrong” with him that was likely caused by soy. It’s good to know though and all people should do their own research, not rely on doctors, especially for nutrition advice.

  102. Cleo Campbell via Facebook March 14, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    I am disgusted that our country allows soy formula to be sold! I, like so many of you, gave my daughter soy formula after I stopped breast feeding, at six months old. Even though she is doing well in school, it still concerns me in regards to her physical health. I quit giving soy to her at a year old when she started have severe digestion issues, and the dr told me it couldn’t be the soy. Well, I looked it up and seen how dangerous it really is! Don’t blame yourself, lets just warn as many people as we can.

  103. When I click on the link for the video, I go to a “Blip” website that says, “This video has been marked private.” I can’t access it! Any ideas?

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  105. I wish I had known. I thought I was doing the right thing feeding my adopted baby soy formula. I don’t even remember what my reasoning was…. Now at 15 he seems to be a very typical boy but has very challenging learning disabilities. Can’t dwell on past mistakes. Just have to move forward and accept what is.

  106. I was unfortunately fed soy formula in the early 80s when my mother could not produce enough breast milk and I couldn’t digest cow’s milk…I broke out in eczema from it too. Although not genetically modified, I believe it could be the cause of health issues I am dealing with now, including hormonal, digestive, and chronic pain. If only the cow’s milk/formula had been raw, I could have properly digested it. I’m making up for lost time by drinking as much of it as I can now and taking other measures to heal myself. I wish they wouldn’t even sell this on the market for unknowledgeable parents to buy for their babies! Thank you, Sarah, for spreading the word.

  107. Christa Bateman via Facebook March 14, 2013 at 11:10 am

    I swore I’d never use soy formula after my 1st son… He became SO emotional and difficult to deal with. His mood completely changed. He started growing hair ‘down there’ (no word of a lie, 6 months old) and I said that was IT. That’s when I looked up soy and I’ve NEVER touched it since. I just feel terrible it took my son for me to realize it! (I will say, he is now a happy, incredibly fit, healthy and thriving 4 year old but I will ALWAYS warn people about soy!)

    • I don’t agree. Learning difficulties are a modern problem. It’s not just soy but also poor nutrition and poor gut flora.

      • Learning difficulties are just one of the new problems that kids are dealing with. We have to look at the things that go into our bodies as the causes of this stuff.

    • I’m in school for Nutrition & Integrative Health at the moment, and our professors seem to dance around the soy issue, not wanting to offend anyone. I’ve seen some professors endorse it in moderation (fermented, organic), and some who won’t recommend it at all. However, as someone whose former high-soy diet gave me a seriously whacked out thyroid (at age 21!) and hormonal imbalances, I’m 100% with Sarah on the soy issue. (Btw, I’m 25 now, following a no-soy, whole foods diet, and feeling a million times better.)

  108. Heather Hill-Cantrall via Facebook March 14, 2013 at 11:06 am

    I’m right there with you Amber – My son is 16 now but, had digestive trouble as a baby, I was told to switch to soy formula – he puked on that stuff just as much as the regular formula but I was young and ignorant and thought doctors knew everything. My son has Asperger’s Syndrome, he’s academically advanced but has always struggled socially. Physically he’s fine though, no delays in physical maturation.

  109. Stef Riggs via Facebook March 14, 2013 at 10:56 am

    I wish I had known this 19 yrs ago. My son exclusively drank soy formula. I can’t stop feeling like I suck as a mother. I never even questioned it back then.

  110. Sara James via Facebook March 14, 2013 at 10:56 am

    Amber, my daughter never had formula and while very advance in language arts, still struggles occasionally with math. Seriously, do not link everything to food otherwise you will drive yourself psycho, I am sure you are a good, caring mom.

  111. I was told that, when I could not breast feed, soy was the closest alternative. I wish I knew then what I knew now. At 5 my daughter was already beginning to develop breasts, and now at age 10 she has started her menses!! We have been off ALL soy for several years now but it did not reverse the effects. Add that to the hormonally treated milk we were giving after formula…UGH!! I am praying that our new lifestyle will help to even out some of this mess and reverse some of the damage.

    • My goodness! Really?

      Perhaps a good naturalpathic or homeopathic doctor can help. Do continue to love your daughter and let her know she is ok even though her body is developing differently.

      I wish you and your family well.

  112. Amber Pearson Cottrell via Facebook March 14, 2013 at 10:52 am

    I gave my son soy formula and I didn’t know this then. I have worried over it since I started this journey on better health and nutrition. I’m sick over it but I can’t undo it. I must move forward with making his nutrition as best it can be and put it in God’s hands. He’s very smart but is having trouble with spelling and vowels. I’ll never know if this is because of that or not. I wish the Dr would have told us not to use soy. I didn’t have enough milk and he threw up with milk based formula. I wish they never sold it.

    • I feed my son soy formula because I was unable to breast feed him and he had a reaction, if you will, to the lactose formula. The next best thing was soy formula. I hate to have to insult this article but it is not just the soy that everyone should be up in arms about. Ethnicity plays a roll in the matter. My son is extremely smart and developing at a great rate as well as gaining weight on a curve and it is exact every month.
      Take into account immunological health of the mother and father, ethnicity, sex of the child, and region of residence. All of these can affect what the child should eat.
      It is really easy to scare people who have no knowledge on the matter.
      I wish you all “luck” and pray God’s hand guides you all.

  113. Wow… I wish I knew this 4 years ago… At least my sweet pea was able to nurse most of the first 5 months…she is bright and began reading one syllable words just as she was turning 4… I have noticed signs of zinc deficiency, but I also have had issues with that. Sarah, do you have any specific recommendations for getting more of this in her diet other than massive quantities of oysters? I’ve tried a liquid supplement, but that’s not gonna happen. She’s eaten a mostly processed food free diet her whole life. Mostly meat, veggies, and some fruit… Nuts and seeds, we eat some dairy, but it tends to make us congested… I’ve knew to the world of Kombucha, but my kids LOVE it and will drink it faster than I can make it! Thanks for your help!

  114. We gave our daughter soy formula 16 years ago when an infant from 4 days old until we weaned her off and introduced pasteurized cow milk (we just discovered traditional eating including raw milk 2 years ago). Right now it looks like she’ll be the valedictorian of her class so if the soy impaired her brain development, it isn’t showing. Of course we don’t know if she escaped infertility or breast cancer but time will tell. And as you said, Sarah, the whole thing has to be left in His capable hands or spend the next 10+years worrying about it which I choose not to do. Obviously if I knew then what I know now I would have NEVER given her soy formula but live and learn as they say . . .

  115. I am so, so grateful I knew this when I could not produce enough breastmilk due to a medication I must take and I had a milk protein intolerant baby. Soy is the worst. I read in America 25% of infants are on soy formula and in Europe it is used as an absolute last resort and labeled with warning stating as such.

    • I didn’t know this when my baby needed formula, but my husband knew that soy had estrogen and he wasn’t eating any of it himself. Thank goodness. We found the raw milk formula and have never looked back. My six month old son is bigger now than his one year old cousin. He is solid and very happy! My two and a half year old daughter likes to drink the formula too, actually, so I let her have some also. She also asks for her cod liver oil every day. She’s hilarious.

      • That is what I was afraid of. I was a nanny for years before I became a mom myself and one of the babies was fed soy formula, I just wish I could be more helpful. Thanks for the reply.

        • Nichole Sawatzky March 16, 2013 at 1:42 am

          GAPS is a fantastic way to find healing for babies who have had a start on soy formula. I know of several who had had really rough beginnings and have found healing thanks to brave mamas transitioning them off of horrible chemical formulas and onto GAPS. My daughter has extensive damage to her body, and soy formula is one of the major reasons. She is thriving and growing and healing tremendously with the help of GAPS and alternative medicine. There is always hope.

    • What about all the hormones in cow milk? what about the increase in bowel and stomach disorders later in life from milk fed babies? what about the antibiotic traces in cow milk?

    • I think if someone fed their child soy formula, they just do the best they can now! You can’t change the past, so you take a deep breath and change the present and the future! That might be working on diet, working with an alternative health professional, etc. or whatever is best for you and your family.

      • my understanding from the majority of information I am reading (gmo’s/ modified with round up, the after effects are not realized until the 3rd generation. Most of the recent findings that have been documented have been in 3rd world countries who have had GMO crops for quite some time and are seeing the majority of problems especially in children and the elderly.
        GMOs have been thrown out of Europe (burned out), but the education in other countries is not there. So, India has taken it on, and Africa, and the Philippines they will keep pushing until Monsanto food is a household word. Its all about the money, and slave to growing the seeds (they get paid for every seed grown (every harvest)

      • Wow. I had a feeling something like this was afoot. On the one hand I think it is kind of terrible the way that wholesale food stuffs appear on the market with no indication as to what kind of physiological effect they might have. That is why it is good to keep yourself educated, so that you can make your own deductions.

    • I find it interesting that Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist worked for the Weston Price Foundation. It says it right on her website. The Weston Price Foundation is not our friend.

      The Weston Price organization recommends that people eat generous portions of animal foods and fat, claiming that cholesterol levels have no relationship to health.  They write about the “dangers” of a plant-based, near-vegetarian, or vegan diet.  What makes all of this confusing to the general public is that the members often use scientific articles to document their stances both for the consumption of animal foods and against the consumption of a plant-based diet.  However, many of these citations are used inaccurately and are misleading.   For example, some studies use only animal subjects and the experiments involved high doses of isolated nutrients from soy.  This is considerable different than consuming whole soy foods as part of a well-structured plant-based diet.  Others are simple misinterpretations of the evidence.  One study that was cited to support the stance that consumption of soy formulas can lead to precocious puberty in girls did not even mention soy milk. 
      It is important to give careful consideration to which individuals and organizations you will rely on for information about diet and health.  The Weston Price Foundation and its members have conducted no research on the long-term effects of the diet they recommend.  They cite no long-term studies indicating that their diet is health-promoting or safe.  Their advice to avoid soy foods is one of many statements that are in complete opposition to the preponderance of the published scientific evidence about diet and health.

      • Do you work for the soy industry, by any chance? I find it laughable you say the Weston Price Foundation has conducted no long term studies. Read Dr Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Or just pay attention to the longterm study otherwise known as “since the beginning of time”, when our ancestor’s ate animal fat since… well, the beginning of time. For those of us who have healed our long time conditions on Weston Price Foundation recommendations, your comments have no credibility whatsoever.

    • Please don’t panic. Please see this link for a study on abc news that was done on the long-term effects (or lack there of) of soy formula: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=117282 Although they still have not tested for long-term effects for people beyond middle age, it’s important to consider the most up-to-date research that says it is safe. I understand this author’s concerns, but I would ask that she PLEASE does not cause unnecessary worry in parents. My son may have a severe food allergy. Although I am trying my very best to only give him breast milk (even as a mom who must work full time), he is 7 months old and has recently started drinking more milk than I can make, and I may need to start supplementing with soy formula. The stress of this is awful… I would ask that the author of this article please add a note about the recent study showing soy to be safe, and not cause additional worry and pain for parents who are just trying to do the best they can for the ones they love.


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