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Over the past several months, I’ve written a number of posts that relate to a healthy pregnancy and babies.     I thought it would be beneficial to put the links for all these posts together in one place so they are easy to locate and refer to.

The Top 3 Fertility Herbs
Pregnancy can often be easily achieved with the help of fertility enhancing herbs!

How “The Pill” Can Harm Your Future Child’s Health

Oral contraceptives are a danger to the health of a woman’s future children.   Most doctors are completely clueless in this regard so a woman must take care to inform herself of the risks.

Dangers of Prenatal Ultrasound
Prenatal caregivers typically gloss over the dangers to your baby from ultrasound and schedule these tests routinely when they should only be used in high risk situations.   Learn about the other side of the story so you can make a truly informed decision.

Strep B Test
Should you even submit to the Strep B test during pregnancy?    What can of worms does this test actually open up for you during labor and delivery?

C-Sections Harm Babies’ Long Term Health
C-Section rates are at an all time high yet this type of interventionist birth greatly increases the risk to babies of long term chronic illness.

Skip the Newborn Vitamin K Injection
Did you know that the Vitamin K shot is synthetic and should be avoided in favor of oral vitamin K?

Fetal Cord Blood Banking
Fetal cord blood banking is an excellent idea but make sure you have your caregiver follow the right protocol else it can cause lack of oxygen to your newborn.

Proper Spacing of Children
Traditional Cultures practiced methodical spacing of children to ensure that later borns had the same abilities and intelligence as firstborns and also to preserve the long term health of the Mother.

Make Your Own Hypoallergenic Baby Formula
Avoid the dangerous, hormone disrupting soy formulas on the market!  If your child requires a hypoallergenic baby formula, make your own with these safe, healthy ingredients.

Make Your Own Baby Formula
If you are unable to breastfeed, making your own safe, healthy homemade milk based formula is a much better option than even the organic commercial formulas which are packed in BPA cans and are laced with rancid vegetable oils.

The Right Way to Feed Babies
Rice cereal is NOT the right first food for babies!   Learn the right way to introduce solids to your baby to minimize allergy and obesity risk.

Should Babies Get Cod Liver Oil?
At what age should your baby start getting this brain and immune boosting whole food supplement?

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