Kefir Smoothie for a Healthy Breakfast on the Go

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kefir smoothie

Want to change your breakfast for the better in a hurry?  A morning kefir smoothie will do the trick like nothing else.

You can tell a lot about people just by finding out what they eat for breakfast. When folks ask me how to improve their diet for the better, this is a typical first question. If you start the day off wrong, it is very hard to put it right after that – nutrition-wise.

Skipping breakfast altogether is not an option either as this sets you up for a carb binge about 10am. If you work at an office, resisting the conference room donut box will be next to impossible if a very filling, nutritious breakfast wasn’t eaten at home.

My mornings are very hectic, so I frequently prepare my breakfast the night before so I can simply take it out of the refrigerator and eat while preparing the kids lunches, etc for school.

My breakfast of choice is a kefir smoothie.

Kefir Smoothie Ingredients

Raw, plain kefir (about 1 pint), 6 or so organic frozen strawberries and 2 frozen bananas.

That’s it!

I add a couple drops of stevia as a sweetener if my latest batch of homemade, raw kefir tastes a bit strong.

I blend it all up in a wide mouth mason jar, seal the lid and put it in the fridge for the quick grab and go about 7am.

A kefir smoothie for breakfast is very high in good quality raw fats and protein, so is extremely filling. I usually don’t even think about eating until noon after one of these hefty smoothies.

Whatever you do, resist the urge to add some of those awful, nutritionless, hard to digest, and downright dangerous protein powders to your smoothie. Remember that excess protein in the diet is metabolized by the body just like sugar (this per Dr. Cowan MD, author of The Fourfold Path to Healing)!

If you think you’re doing yourself a favor using these protein powders, you are not.

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