Video Thursday: REAL Protein Cookies

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist April 8, 2010

Today’s video features a cookie recipe your family is sure to love, chocolate macaroons!   My recipe for this does not include shredded coconut, but please add some if you like when you make them at home.   The crunch and flavor of these cookies is wonderful, a fabulous snack (with a glass of fresh from the farm, whole milk of course) for the kids when they get home from school.

Skip all those unhealthy, high protein bars, cookies, and other highly processed, high protein foods (FULL of msg, by the way … they all have some form of protein isolate in them which is an alias for msg) at the healthfood store and make your own with egg whites left over from other REAL food recipes you’ve made.     This video shows you how I make approximately 40 chocolate macaroons from 8 leftover egg whites.    Please comment on how you like them and any changes you make to the recipe to personalize it for your family.

Here’s the recipe in case videos aren’t your thing:

8 eggs whites
pinch of sea salt
1 cup Grade B maple syrup  OR 1/2 cup maple syrup and 5 drops stevia
splash of vanilla
splash of chocolate extract
2 Tbl organic cocoa powder (I use Rapunzel) OR carob powder
4 Tbl arrowroot powder

Whip eggs whites with sea salt until stiff.    Blend in arrowroot, cocoa, vanilla, chocolate extract, and maple syrup.    Spoon small ladles of the foamy batter onto cookie sheets lined with parchment paper.    Bake at 300F for 30 minutes and then reduce oven temp to 200F and dry out cookies for another 3-4 hours or until crisp.

I hope you enjoy this delicious, healthy snack!

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


Comments (33)

  1. My biggest dietary problem is my desire for baked goods like cookies or cake. The Weston Price diet has, as it claims, definitely made my desire for sweets much less. However, when the urge hits, it's nice to have an easy crunchy chocolate cookie recipe with no flour, and no sugar. Maybe someday I'll be free from my pastry desire but until then please, Sarah, keep posting these types of recipes.

  2. Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist April 8, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Hi Rebecca, we all need a little pick me up now and then. It is so great to be able to offer my family fantastic treats that are so much tastier and healthier than anything at the store and they still have nutrition in them! So glad you are finding the recipes helpful.

  3. Great recipe Sarah! I LOVE macaroons so am eager to try this one. If you are looking for yet another grain free, high protein cookie, here is a recipe that is in our house at all times. It is the perfect little pick me up and fills the bill when you are feeling the droops or just a bit hungry. I got the recipe idea online but have made several changes so I believe it is "mine" now. :-) Hope you all enjoy.

    Grain Free Protein Cookies

    1 1/2 cups soaked & dried raw almonds
    2 Tbl. organic coconut oil
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    3/4 cup liquid sweetener of choice ( honey, brown rice syrup, Grade B Maple Syrup etc)
    1 tsp. vanilla extract
    1 tsp. almond extract
    Approximately 4 cups almond meal

    Almond meal: process soaked/dried almonds in food processor until you have a fine meal. Set aside. Note: You can do quantities of these ahead and keep in freezer for recipes.
    For cookies:
    Place 1 1/2 cups soaked/dried almonds in processor and pulse until fine. Add the coconut oil and process to mix. While machine is running, slowly drizzle in a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil until you get the texture of almond butter….. about 1 Tbl.
    Scrape almond butter into a bowl and add sweetener and extracts, mixing well
    Add almond meal by the cupfuls until you get a “dough” that is moist but not too sticky.
    Divide the dough onto two cookie sheets lined with parchment paper. Shape each into a square about 1/3-1/2” thick. Cut into 16 -25 squares depending on the size you desire. Separate the squares and then bake at 350 for 15-16 min.
    Cool completely and store in airtight container.
    For 16 square size, I figured there to be approximately 15 grams of protein.

  4. Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist April 9, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    A friend's suggestion to me by email (thank you Maureen!) .. If you use maple sugar instead of maple syrup, you can make these cookies without the arrowroot powder.

  5. Hey Sarah! Alison K. from livingston here. I've been enjoying your blog for a few months now. I wanted to see if you subscribe to the food news journal? Every work day they send out a email newsletter with links to current news stories concerning food. Grass fed beef and raw milk were both featured in todays news letter! I would really like to hear your thoughts on some of their features. Take care! :)

  6. Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist April 9, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    Alison, so great to hear from you! You must be so excited with the wedding so close now! So glad you are enjoying the blog. I have not subscribed to the foodnewsjournal, but it seems like a great place to get material to blog about. I will have to check it out! Thank you!

  7. Sarah-In an earlier post, you mentioned keeping coconut oil in a large container in your garage. Where do you purchase your coconut oil?


    • Hi Sarah! Thank you for everything! I had always heard that the organic extra virgin coconut oil is much better than the expeller pressed. The oil has been heated, right? If there is not much difference between the two, it would certainly save money buying the expeller pressed. I would love to buy it by the 5 gallon. I get mine by the gallon right now.

    • I just clicked on your Tropical Traditions link and the 5 gallon bucket is on sale for $250! Oh my, quite a difference in the “sale” price! I realize you wrote this replay a year and a half ago but did it really go up that much??

      • Whoops – now I see I was looking at the Gold Label Virgin Coconut oil price. The expeller pressed that you talked about is now on sale for $155 – at least the organic one. The non-organic is $135. Have no idea which one you buy but glad it isn’t the $250 one! Ha.

  8. i never seem to have egg whites left. These also seem close to a meringue cookie, which I used to make. These sound even yummier! We still like treats in our house and agree that it is not so bad as long as you make them yourself with good ingredients. But, I still use the wheat as my 6 yr old is severly allergic to peanuts and we have not introduced him to tree nuts yet. We plan to get him tested.

  9. Hey Sarah… a couple questions…

    Where do you buy your Bob's Mill Arrowroot? Nutrition Smart stopped carrying it awhile ago… does Abby's have it?

    What brand syrup do you use… we use Grade B also, but it's not THAT dark! Wow!

    and a silly one… I'm guessing you likely have your oven thermostat adjusted down. Did you set it on 300 for purposes of the video so it wouldn't be confusing? would you normally bake them at 335 (or whatever you've adjusted??)? It gets old having to do math everytime you bake! ;-)


  10. Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist April 15, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    Hi Casey, I special order Bob's arrowroot from Nutrition S'Mart. Just ask and they will do it for you. I get my grade B syrup from a small farm in Vermont (can't post the name here, but can get you some next time I order if you want). Yes, I just set the oven at 300F to make it straightforward for the video. My oven is actually adjusted down 20F normally so that I can dry out nuts and things and still maintain their rawness.

  11. I'm excited to try this recipe! I do have a question – your oven looks to be the exact same as mine, and I see that you said your's is adjusted down so you can dry out your nuts? I've been trying to figure out how to do that to mine and was wondering if you could tell me how to get the info on how to do that? Thanks!

  12. Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist August 7, 2010 at 12:50 am

    Hi Kelsey, I adjusted it so many years ago, I don't remember how I did it. It's in the user manual though. I remember it as being simple to do.

  13. A great way to use egg yolks, after making a recipe like this that uses the whites, is to make the YUMMY baked custard on p. 545 of Nourishing Traditions. -Beth

  14. How do egg whites do with freezing? I froze some after using the yolks in a cream of chicken soup, but I haven't thawed them to try in any recipes.

  15. Hi Sarah, A question about your chocolate extract:
    The only one I could find in the health food store (made by Frontier) is sweetened with agave syrup which we try to avoid. Perhaps its such a small amount that it doesn't matter. In either case, what brand are you using?

  16. Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist October 29, 2010 at 1:09 am

    Hi Anonymous, I use Flavorganics brand. It does have agave nectar in it, but since the amount used is so small and we don't have any HFCS or processed sugar in our diet, this little amount is fine.

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  18. Okay, I just made these the other night and they are YUMMY! I hoped they would be good, but these are delicious! They taste kind of like a chocolate cookie with a marshmallow-y taste. And I didn’t add any chocolate extract because I didn’t have any, but they are still very chocolatey! The only problem my husband and I both have with them are they are a little hard to eat, because they’re so crispy and thick. I think next time I will try to make them a lot thinner so they are easier to eat. Other than that, I don’t think I’ll be needing to play with this recipe at all – it’s great as is!

  19. Hi,
    I was wondering if I could substitute coconut flour for the arrowroot and how muchwould you suggest? I have alot of egg whites to use up as we eat alot of raw egg yolks around here.
    Love your ideas/recipes/discussions.
    Thanks, Kim

  20. Has anyone tried adding shredded coconut? I’m curious how much would be added and if they hold a macaroon shape better.

    • Yes, I have added shredded coconut. They do stay nice and round. It seems to cut down on the sweetness of the cookie. 3 out of the 4 of us really like them with the shredded coconut. My son detests coconut!

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  22. We make ours like yours, minus the chocolate extract and cocoa, but with organic shredded coconut…SO yummy! We have some in the oven right now.

  23. I’m on the gaps diet and wonder how these would work out with date sugar instead? Read somewhere that the arrowroot could be left out if maple sugar was used instead of maple syrup. And was thinking maybe thats for date sugar as well?? Would LOVE an answer on this question!!


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