Egg Beaters: Food for Fools

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egg beaters
If you were a rat, what would you want to look like – Rat Brad Pitt on the left or Rat Charlie Sheen on the right?

It seems pretty obvious that Brad Pitt Rat on the left is frisky, happy, and healthy in a normal, rat sort of way while Charlie Sheen Rat on the right looks rather worse for the wear and does not in any way possess “tiger blood” or “Adonis DNA”.

Hold on a minute.  Charlie Sheen didn’t really say that, did he??

Oops, sorry. Back to the rats.

Guess what these little guys are eating?

Egg Beaters Better Than Real Eggs?  Who are They Kidding?

Brad Pitt Rat is eating eggs.

Charlie Sheen Rat is eating Egg Beaters.

How can this be?   Why, Egg Beaters is a masterpiece of food chemistry, after all!

Developed in the 1970’s, Egg Beaters has the same protein, fat, calories, macrominerals, and vitamins as Real Eggs!

Marketed as a “healthy” substitute for eggs, Egg Beaters is routinely served to nursing home residents and is a typical breakfast choice of older Americans seeking to limit cholesterol and saturated fat.

What Happens to Rats Eating Egg Beaters

The problem is, when you take out the saturated fat and cholesterol from eggs and substitute vegetable oil, dried nonfat milk, additives, chemicals, and synthetic vitamins and feed it to adolescent rats what do you get?

You get little Charlie Sheen rats that look like the pathetic creature in the picture above.  These Egg Beater rats do not develop properly and have mangy looking fur. They also develop diarrhea within one week of eating Egg Beaters and die within 3-4 weeks.

What Happens to Rats Eating Real Eggs

The Brad Pitt Rats eating eggs?  They go on to develop properly and live out normal little rat lives.

Are you or a relative eating Egg Beaters thinking it is a better choice for your health?  Set the marketing mumbo jumbo and misleading doctor-speak about saturated fat and cholesterol aside for a minute and just look at the picture!  Make the call with simple common sense.

Doesn’t it seem downright foolish to eat Egg Beaters if that stuff can make a young rat look like that within one week?

Perhaps it might help you to know that a thorough review of the world’s scientific literature published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine in 2009 concluded that eggs do not in any way, shape or form contribute to heart attacks!

You don’t have to tell that to Charlie Sheen rat. From the looks of him, he would much rather be eating eggs instead of Egg Beaters so that he can get his Brad Pitt on.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


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