How to Make Coconut Milk at Home

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homemade coconut milkLast week, I visited an Asian Supermarket and showed you via video the primary items that I buy there.    If you recall, two of the items I purchased were raw, frozen coconut meat and young coconuts.  I mentioned in that video that these items were ideal for homemade coconut milk.

High quality coconut milk is a must have in the kitchen of any Traditional Cook who seeks to serve nutrient dense meals for her family.   One of the most highly desirable nutrients in whole coconut milk is lauric acid, a medium chain saturated fat that is quickly used by the body for energy and is also highly anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Remember that lauric acid is produced by the mammary gland and is one of the reasons breastmilk keeps infants so healthy!

Unfortunately, coconut milk is typically found in cans or aseptic packages which can potentially result in undesirable toxins such as BPA or nanites leeching into the milk. There is one brand of coconut milk, Native Forest, that is marketed as BPA free, but if it’s possible to make fresh coconut milk that maintains all its rawness and nutrition for basically the same amount of money as the canned version, wouldn’t this be the best way to go?

Most homemade coconut milk recipes I’ve seen utilize boiling hot water. While this is certainly fine particularly if you are going to cook with the coconut milk once you’ve made it, I personally prefer to make coconut milk in a manner that maintains all the rawness in order to preserve all the enzymes and nutrition.

In this 2 part video series, I show you how to make coconut milk that is both raw and fresh and uses only coconut meat and coconut water.. no plain water added.   Making coconut milk this way costs little more than the much less tasty and nutritious canned versions so why not make a lot at once and freeze it for convenient use later?

In the second part of  the video, I show you a very simple method for using this whole, raw coconut milk while still preserving all enzymes and nutrition.

Additional information can be found in this article plus video on how to make coconut flour.  This article plus video provides a coconut milk kefir recipe.

Homemade Coconut Milk (Video How-To)

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