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Investigation of the culinary practices of Ancestral Societies from around the world reveals that nearly all of them utilized various types of fermented foods and drinks to assist digestion, maintain a healthy balance of gut bacteria and keep immunity strong.

Of course, these cultures did not understand the science behind the benefits of fermented foods;

kefir soaked bread recipeA few weeks ago, I posted on social media that I was trying a new soaked bread recipe. Quite a few of you commented or emailed asking for the recipe, but I wanted to get it just right first before sharing. Making traditionally prepared bread (as opposed to modern, difficult to digest yeasted breads) can be a bit tricky to master.

garlic bread recipe

I view bread thusly:  it is the ideal vehicle for getting loads of healthy fats into your children quickly, easily and with no fuss!

We don’t eat a lot of bread in our home, about two loaves per week for a family of five. But, when bread is served, it is loaded with healthy fats to the point where the calories in the bread are far exceeded by the healthy fats it is topped with!

quality soy sauceSoy sauce, also commonly known as shoyu, is the best known flavor enhancer in Asian cooking. Made the old-fashioned way — through a careful fermentation process that can take as long as 18 months — it’s a healthy and nourishing product.

Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel

Kaayla Daniel PhD, CCN,

homemade soda bottlesIf you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I am a big advocate of probiotic and enzyme rich fermented beverages and homemade soda.

A survey of ethnic drinks from around the world reveals that enjoyment of the unique, health boosting refreshment furnished by traditionally fermented beverages is nearly universal.

heirloom vs hybrid tomatoes

Heirloom vs hybrid produce?  Hopefully, you understand how to recognize the difference because it makes a big difference to the nutrition you’re getting!

Yesterday at our buying club pickup, a local farmer dropped by to display and sell his beautiful selection of organic produce.

Not just any old organic produce,

bread machine recipe for soaked loafHomemade bread is making a comeback! The convenience of using a bread machine recipe is part of the reason why as more and more people opt to make their own with quality ingredients they source themselves.

Quality trumping convenience is an idea whose time has come in the bread department. The general public is awakening to the dangers of white flour,

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