How to Soak Grains and Legumes (+ VIDEO)

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soaking grains
Delving into Traditional Eating for the first time inevitably uncovers the fact that modern methods for preparing grains and legumes can be extremely damaging to health over the long term particularly if numerous servings of these foods are consumed on a daily basis as recommended by conventional dietitians and nutritionists.

Even if you take the time and care to make your own bread at home with freshly ground grain, if you do not follow the centuries old traditions for eliminating anti-nutrients and maximizing the nutrition in the grain prior to baking, you could in fact be doing yourself and your family more harm than good.

In the video below which I filmed as part of a Beginner Video Series for the Weston A. Price Foundation, I show you the basics for soaking grains and legumes so that you can enjoy these wonderful foods in your home and experience health benefits from doing so rather than health depletion.

For a complete transcript of this video which is translatable into any language, click here.

Soaking Grains and Legumes Video How-To

This lesson describes the very important traditional practice of soaking legumes and grains. Note that in the past few years, use of chickpea cooking water, called aquafaba, has become popular in vegan circles.

Note that while legumes are a traditional food, using the cooking water as an egg replacement is not. In fact, it is quite dangerous to gut health as it is loaded with anti-nutrients.

So enjoy your legumes and grains, but be sure to toss the soaking and cooking water!

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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