soaked oatmeal with no soaking_miniThose of us with grandparents born prior to World War II may well remember that they made a practice of soaking oats in a pot of warm water overnight before cooking it up the next morning.

In fact, prior to the 1950’s, Quaker Oats used to include an overnight soak in the instructions printed on the box!

kombucha salad dressingUnless lowfat or nonfat, misguided dietitians and nutritionists frequently advise against salad dressings. This is due to widespread confusion about fats – which ones are healthy and which are not. In some cases, lemon juice is recommended to dress a salad. Talk about tasteless and unappetizing fare!  


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

bubbling sourdough starterWhen I first got into Traditional Food in 2001, I pretty much had to make anything and everything myself. The reason is because there were few companies (and none in my local area) that made the type of food I was seeking. Worse, few people understood what I was even talking about! This was true even with the perennial favorite sourdough bread.

oranginaThe most commonly grown fruit tree in the world is the orange. This familiar fruit is a hybrid of ancient cultivated origin, possibly the pomelo and mandarin. The many varieties of orange are widely grown in warm climes. Brazil and the United States are the primary producing countries. Within the United States, California and Florida predominate.

whey from yogurtWhey in its liquid and whole food form is the ideal starter for probiotic rich, health enhancing fermented foods and drinks.

Liquid whey is most easily and economically obtained from soured raw milk also called clabbered milk.

Clabbered milk is a very useful item for the traditionally minded cook and has the consistency and taste of drinkable style yogurt.

homemade tortilla chipsWho doesn’t love tortilla chips? That enjoyable salty crunch is irresistible especially when paired with a healthy salsa for dipping.

The problem is that the modern tortilla chip has strayed from its healthy heritage and become more of a junk food than the nourishing, traditional, food it should be.

Even the tortilla chips served at Chipotle are made from genetically modified (GMO) corn and fried in sunflower oil,

sprouted stuffing recipeFor many people, choosing the perfect stuffing recipe is critical to the success and full enjoyment of a holiday meal. The challenge is making this very important side dish in a manner that is easily digestible for all. This includes a gluten free option for guests that might have an intolerance to this hard to digest plant protein.

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