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One of the most frequent email requests I receive is how and what to feed children as snacks.

One thing is for sure, the selection of snacks that pass muster even at the healthfood store is slim! Rancid vegetable oils like canola or soy along with other unhealthy additives such as vital wheat gluten are frequently used even if most of the ingredients are organic.

I re-read the ingredients on a bag of “natural” ginger snaps at the store recently that I had purchased in the past only to discover with dismay that the ingredients had changed and now contained soy flour!

“Another one bites the dust!” I thought to myself. Yet another snack added to my no-buy list!

In this video, I show you some of the favorite snacks I make in my own home. Limiting grains to a moderate level as practiced by Traditional Cultures is a good goal to strive for when making snacks – overeating of grains even if homemade and carefully prepared to eliminate anti-nutrients can bring on weight issues in a hurry and encourage lack of variety in your family’s diet.

Never heard of “properly preparing” grains before? Click here to find out how.

This video was filmed for the Weston A. Price Foundation as part of the 12-part Beginner Series to Traditional Cooking I’ve been working on over the past few months. I still have 3 more to post, so stay tuned for more to come!

For a full transcript of this video in any language, click here.


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