How to Read Food Labels (plus video)

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Nearly 50% of people make a resolution each New Year to lose weight and get healthier. In fact, a CNN poll in recent days found that 76% of people intend to try and lose weight in 2012.

This goal is not easily accomplished, however, unless you are a self taught expert at deciphering food labels and the many games food manufacturers play with ingredient names.

MSG, for example, has over 50 different names that are used to disguise it on food labels with the primary goal of fooling the consumer. Consumption of MSG is associated with obesity, hormone disruption among many other problems, so avoiding this additive in the foods you buy if you are trying to lose weight is very, very important!

In this video lesson, I show you how to easily buy the best brands and avoid ones that will harm your health – all without knowing a thing about food labels!

If you can do only a single thing this year to improve your health, follow the recommendation in this video and you will finish 2012 a whole lot healthier than you started it.  My guess is that you will have lost a whole lot of weight too if that is your goal!

How to Read Food Labels EASILY

In the video below, I show you the best tool I’ve ever found for wading through the complicated world of food labels. You don’t have to become self taught or be an expert at anything. Just get this small booklet, keep it in your purse and pull it out to make sure whatever you buy at the supermarket or healthfood store is the best quality brand for your budget dollars.

Now, this booklet is available as an app for your phone! Click here to find out more.

*To order the inexpensive booklet mentioned in the video to read food labels easily and without stress, click here.   If you order 10 or more to hand out to friends and family, each booklet is even less!

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