How to Best Swallow Cod Liver Oil without Gagging (video)

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swallow cod liver oil

In this nuts and bolts video, I show you exactly how I swallow cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil every day!  My kids take it the very same way.

That’s right.  I’m slugging it down for the whole wide world to see.

You now have no excuse.  This is how to get those critical nutrients A, D, and K2 every single day – quickly and painlessly.   You won’t get enough any other way more unless you eat pretty close to perfectly and eat liver 2-3 times a week (who does?) so get a grip and start taking it already!  Ok?

If you have a child too young to take cod liver oil by spoon, you can always try the bottoms up approach. This works very well for diapered children.

Click here to visit my Resources page for the best online prices for ferrmented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil.   These supplements are essential to maintaining healthy gums and cavity free teeth (or healing cavities that have already formed) as researched and written about by Dr. Weston A. Price DDS.

How to Swallow Cod Liver Oil without Gagging

In the video below, I demonstrate exactly how to get cod liver oil down without gagging. This is the easy process I’ve used for years in our home and it works great for toddlers and adults alike.

Ideally cod liver oil should be taken with butter oil for maximum benefit. You can get butter oil and cod liver oil from the best manufacturers here.

Once you have established this healthful daily habit, you will be shocked to notice colds and flus slowly disappear from your household. In fact, my oldest is almost 18 years old and no antibiotics have been used during his entire childhood or that of his two younger siblings. Yes, it is possible to raise children with zero antibiotics.  I’ve done it three times and learning to swallow cod liver oil so it isn’t a big drama every single day is a big reason why.

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