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Who doesn’t love tortilla chips? That enjoyable salty crunch is irresistible especially when paired with a quality salsa for dipping.

Tortilla ChipsThe problem is that the modern tortilla chip has strayed from its healthy heritage and become more of a junk food than the nourishing, traditional, food it should be.

Even the tortilla chips served at Chipotle are made from genetically modified (GMO) corn and fried in sunflower oil, an omega-6 vegetable oil that absolutely cannot be heated without the creation of free radicals that damage cell DNA when consumed.

Organic tortilla chips from the healthfood store are not a good idea to eat on a regular basis either. While the corn used is nonGMO in an organic chip, a survey of the popular organic tortilla chip brands indicates once again that the oils typically used (safflower, sunflower, canola) are not appropriate for high heat frying or even baking given the high concentration of delicate, heat sensitive polyunsaturated fatty acids.

No need to write off tortilla chips, however. Make them the old fashioned way and you can eat them knowing that you are being nourished and not harmed in the process.

The video below shares my method for making healthy, no guilt tortilla chips. This approach is fast – no need to make the tortilla chips from scratch unless this is something you want to do.

All you have to do is source sprouted organic tortillas from a local food co-op or healthfood store and fry them for a minute or two in a healthy, heat stable oil. My favorite oils for frying tortilla chips are avocado oil or expeller pressed coconut oil. Plain, organic corn tortillas work fine also, but I prefer sprouted corn tortillas as the sprouting process adds improved digestibility and nutrition to the corn such as additional B vitamins and Vitamin C.

Be sure to check the oil temperature with a frying thermometer because even heat stable oils can become rancid if the smokepoint is exceeded.  I keep my frying oil temperature at 350F (177 C) to ensure no creation of free radicals.

Healthy, No Guilt Tortilla Chips

Yield: about 50 large tortilla chips


1 package of sprouted corn tortillas or plain organic tortillas

Expeller pressed coconut oil or avocado oil


Add about an inch of oil to a medium to large frying pan. Using a frying thermometer, heat the oil to about 350 F (177 C).   When the oil is the proper temperature, add one tortilla at a time, frying each side for about minute.  The tortilla should be lightly browned but not burned.

Remove the tortilla from the oil and place on a plate.  Continue process until the entire package of sprouted tortillas has been fried.

When cool to the touch, break each tortilla into quarters. Pair with homemade fermented salsa and serve.

Alternatively, you can break the fried tortillas into small pieces and use them as a healthy cold breakfast cereal that tastes just like corn flakes.

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