slow cooker bone brothI’ve had a number of inquiries recently on how to make bone broth in a slow cooker like the Vita-Clay.

Since I’ve already posted about how to make meat stock, I thought I would post my recipe for making bone broth in a clay slow cooker too.

meat stockProperly prepared homemade broth is a foundational food for autoimmune healing diets such as GAPS, AIP, or the Specific Carbohydrate diet.

The GAPS protocol, for example, recommends a small cup of broth with every meal. This traditional food is the only cooked food that acts as a raw food when consumed.

season bone brothA good friend of mine recently made bone broth for the very first time. She was very excited about it until she took a sip. She texted me that much to her surprise, her carefully prepared broth did not have much flavor!

Tasteless bone broth is a common problem that many newbies to the wonders of ancestral diets encounter.

rabbit bone brothRabbit is not a very popular meat in the United States. In Europe, however, it is commonplace with numerous traditional recipes in German, French and Italian cuisine. Where there are rabbit recipes, there is also rabbit bone broth as our forebears frugally used the whole animal for food. This was in keeping with the 1546 proverb,

potato soup recipeWhen I make this hearty potato soup made with chicken bone broth for dinner, my family is very excited. It is one of their absolute favorites, particularly when I add LOTS of bacon! I mean, baked potatoes are fantastic with bacon bits on top, right? So why not add it to potato soup too?

lentil soup in a bowlWhen it comes to traditional cooking, this lentil soup made with a base of authentic bone stock is one of the most economical as well as satisfying meals I make for my family.

This soup freezes very well in one quart containers. Making a gallon or more and freezing several quarts for healthy fast food on busy days is a very smart kitchen technique which saves time and stress.

ramen soup in a bowl with chopsticksI’ve written before about how I ate packaged ramen noodle soup in college several times a week. Easy to prepare, filling, and cheap at only about 10 cents per serving, the attractive little packages represent the ultimate low budget food. Little did I know that the 20 pounds I gained my first year away from home likely stemmed from eating so many cheap carbs.